Tuesday, September 28, 2004

7AM - Good Morning Everybody!
This is MsTioga thanking everyone who sent me such wonderful emails and told me not to pay any attention to that reader who told me that I was a "Money Pit!" I love each and everyone of you sooooooo much! I am going to answer all of your emails. First, I have to go up to Ed's Auto Electric this morning to find out why my batteries are not charging. I am a bit nervous too!

In the pic below, George consoles nervous MsTioga just before they left for Ed's Auto Electric!

We are here at Ed's Auto Electric in Martinez, California, and MsTioga is soooooo nervous because she could not even start her engine after arriving at Ed's! Below is a pic of George looking at Mr. DataStorm rising and the nervous MsTioga waiting.

12 Noon
MsTioga is out of the shop with a rebuilt alternator! MsTioga wants you to know that, her batteries are all fully charged now, and that she is sooooooo happy!

Guess what happened just before midnite?
A roast beast popped out of MsTioga's oven! Do you want to take a peek? Hmmmm?


No anchor map link published at our home base.

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