Thursday, September 02, 2004

George has been working on his publishing stuff this morning, and having soooo
much fun doing it. Web publishing is a wonderful thing!

After breakfast, The Team is going to explore for more old redwood trees around
here. We love those redwood trees, and would like to hike into a grove of them
to just look around.

Hi Everybody,
This is Mr. Chips typing at you. George & Mr. Mavica are out on the beach
outside taking pics of the Ocean. They left me here to put up some lovely
pics of the Redwoods that Mr. Mavica took only a few miles north of here.
Would you like to see them?

Here is the promised pic of George looking at the Pacific Ocean on an absolutely
gorgeous and perfect day! Man-O-Man!

MsTioga looks at the sundown of an absolutely gorgeous and wonderful day! The Team
thanks you for sharing this day with us and for keeping us on the road!

The Team stayed at the beach parking place until long after sundown, and then
moved to our Nite Camp at Hunter Creek, a few miles south. This is the third
time in two years that we have Nite Camped at Hunter Creek. In this area, there
are few places to boondock.


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