Monday, September 27, 2004

George is getting ready to install the ladder supports that were shipped to us from Topline, the ladder maker. There are two of these supports to install, and then the ladder project will be finished!

MsTioga's Repairs
MsTioga has been having trouble keeping both her chassis and house batteries charged. George thinks that the problem might be MsTioga's charging system. We are all going to an electrical shop tomorrow, to have the matter checked out!

Reader Email to MsTioga
A reader wrote an email to MsTioga and told her that she was a "Money Pit" because something was always going wrong with her. This hurt MsTioga's feelings. The rest of the Team Members feel that this email was not very nice, and also unfair! MsTioga tries soooooo hard. We feel that soon, all of MsTioga's problems will be straightend out.

In addition to MsTioga having electrical problems, Miss Planty Green is having a lot of trouble too!! Miss Green's leaves are falling off. It seems as though Miss Green likes things cooler than it has been lately. Poor thing!

In the pic below, MsTioga gets her chassis battery charged!


No anchor map link published at our home base.

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