Monday, September 20, 2004

MsTioga's New Ladder!
George was ashamed to tell you about him smashing MsTioga's ladder when The Team was in Crater Lake's Mazama Campground. Although Mr. Mavica blurted it out in a recent blog post! Anyway, MsTioga's new ladder has arrived, minus a few parts that we need in order to install properly. This morning we will order those few parts.

In the pic below, George stands near the bashed in ladder, and is holding the new ladder. Do you see the squiggly places in the old ladder? That's where Mr. Trek broke his wheel when he was smashed into the ladder by George's accident prone way of backing up MsTioga!

1:30 PM - Les Schwab Tires in Livermore, California
The Team is heading down to Les Schwab, to have our brand new leaky tire checked out. Ever since we had this new Toyo tire put on, it has gone flat in about 5 days or so. We don't want to worry about having our new Toyo go flat, so we will have it checked out this afternoon.

MsTioga is being checked out by the people at Les Schwab Tires, and in the pic below, she is front-left tireless! Les Schwab put in a new tire stem and valve. The conclusion was, that the tire valve had a slow leak.

Doesn't it seem like MsTioga has been enduring a lot of maintenance lately? Hmmmm? Poor thing! All of The Team members are concerned!


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