Sunday, October 31, 2004

4AM - Wow! Daylite savings time ended! Or did it begin? Hmmm?
This morning we are going to visit George's sister, Seyma, who lives beneath the famous "HOLLYWOOD" sign in Los Angeles. Mr. Mavica loves to visit Seyma's home because he goes crazy for taking pics of the "HOLLYWOOD" sign from Seyma's porch.

9AM - Under the Hollywood Sign!
The Team made a wrong turn, thanks to Mr. DeLorme, and we wound around on tiny roads, barely getting by, because it was sooooo narrow. When we got to George's sister's home, she wisked George and Mr. Mavica away to go to Nephew Steve's home. Wow! Below is a pic of Nephew Steve in his new home in Ontario, California!

2PM - Mr. Mavica never got a pic of the famous Hollywood sign from Seyma's porch!
When George and Mr. Mavica returned to Seyma's home, Mr. Mavica was soooo excited about taking a pic of the Hollywood sign. But we never got to go inside Seyma's home??!! She had a meeting to attend! Wow! George and Mr. Mavica were pretty disappointed, I will tell you true. Oh, well!

5PM - Supper Camped in Pico Rivera, California
The Team has made Supper Camp in the Town of Pico Rivera, about 10 miles southeast of the Los Angeles City Hall (as the crow flies). George is going to make beef enchiladas tonite for supper! Yummmm!

10PM - Nite Camp
We have made our Nite Camp only a few feet away from Supper Camp in a parking lot behind some stores. It is relatively quiet, for the Los Angeles area. If you have ever been to the Los Angeles area, you know that the din of traffic is present everywhere!


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Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Team is WAY behind in answering email!
This is Mr. Chips typing at you. For The Team, I want to apologize for being WAY behind in answering our email. What happened is, we have been socializing soooo much over the past few days, that we got far behind in our emails. We will answer them all very soon, OK?

Visiting with Mr. Bruno Dog's family!
This morning, George and Mr. Mavica went over to say hi to Mr. Bruno Dog, and meet his family. This was sooooo great! We got to meet Rose who is like Mr. Bruno's mom, and Rose's sister, Haidie. The four of us had a wonderful time talking the morning away. Mr. Mavica took a pic of the four of us in Rose's yard (below).

George, Mr. Bruno Dog, Rose and Haidie.

6PM - Supper Camp
We have left Big Tujunga Canyon after saying goodbye to Mr. Bruno Dog and his family; Rose, Haidie, Marjorie (sister) and Steve (Marjorie's friend). We made a date with George's sister, Seyma, to get together Sunday Morning.

The Team is Supper Camped in the City of Glendale, California. Do you want to hear something that we just noticed about our looking for a Camp site inside a City? Hmmmmmm? Well, we noticed that we sort of "feel" whether we will choose a spot, rather than think about it. Perhaps we have been doing this for so long that, we know down deep in our "Team Gut" when a place looks good for us. Last year, we used to choose places that were not good, and then have to move. Now, that rarely happens anymore. We like that feeling!

10PM - Nite Camp
Our Supper Camp site turned into our Nite Camp. The sounds of traffic are pretty quiet here. During the early evening, in the distance, we could hear the sounds of Saturday Nite partying. The party goers stayed away from The Team, however!


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Friday, October 29, 2004

George's sister lives below the famous "HOLLYWOOD" sign!
George wants to visit his sister Seyma, in Los Angeles. Her home is very close to, and beneath the famous "HOLLYWOOD" sign in the City of Los Angeles. The Team will move south around 30 miles today in the direction of Seyma's home. Perhaps we will find a lovely spot to Day Camp and search for Adventure!

8:30AM - Day Camped near Point Mugu
The Team has made a Day Camp a hundred yards from the Pacific Ocean. The "Big Point Mugu Rock" almost casts its shadow onto MsTioga. We can see the waves breaking out our window (below).

3PM - Going to visit Bruno Dog!
Do you know about George's friend, Bruno Dog? Take a peek at the archives for November 13, 2003. George wants to visit his friend, Bruno Dog again. Bruno lives in Tujunga Canyon, northeast of Los Angeles. We are not sure if we can get to Tujunga Canyon today. This Los Angeles area is a huge place, and difficult to drive thru.

5PM - We are in Tujunga Canyon with Bruno Dog!
The Team arrived in Tujunga Canyon. Right away, Mr. Mavica and George went over to say Hi to Bruno Dog, who was found sleeping on his porch bed. Bruno was sooooo happy to see us, that he jumped all over and smiled his BIG smile.

7PM - Nite Camp in Big Tujunga Canyon
We have made our Nite Camp in Big Tujunga Canyon near the Stoneyvale Picnic Ground. Across the road from our Camp, lives Bruno Dog with his family. This afternoon we visited with a friend of Bruno Dog, and a reader of the TiogaRV Blog, Ben Furie who lives on the otherside of the river that flows thru this canyon. We hope to say hi to Rose and Max who are Bruno Dog's family in the morning.


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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Today we meet, Reader Bob!
A fellow named "Bob" became a TiogaRV blog reader sometime ago. When George began to try figure out how to earn $money$ for The Team's expenses, many readers offered advice and donated $money$. However Bob was different, because Bob was relentless.

Bob wanted The Team to publish web pages in order to earn $money$. We on The Team did not understand what Bob wanted us to do, because it seemed impossible for us to be able to earn $money$ by publishing web pages. But Bob would not give up on The Team. Bob kept writing emails, giving suggestions and advice. Hundreds of emails!

Finally, after months went by, Bob's suggestions and advice began to take root. That was how, "MsTioga Magazine" was born. Totally because of Reader Bob's urging thru his emails, The Team has been able to earn $money$ with MsTioga Magazine stories.

A short while back, Reader Bob wrote that he lived in a town that The Team was going to travel thru! And, we will actually meet Bob today! Isn't that the greatest thing? Hmmmmmm? Bob and his wife Sharon, are taking George out to lunch today. Of course Mr. Mavica will come along to take pics. We hope that George will not forget to take those pics, as he has forgotten before!!

10AM - Bob & Sharon meet The Team!
Bob & Sharon and The Team made a date to meet at the Ventura Marina. We had a swell talk and then had lunch at the HomeTown Buffet! Wow! That was sooooo good. Below is a pic of Bob, Sharon & George inside MsTioga.

George and MsTioga look at our Day Camp in Ventura Marina (below).

5PM - Making Nite Camp at Bob & Sharon's Home
It is swell to be invited over, don't you think? Hmmmmm? So, The Team will make Nite Camp here!


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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Broken Air Conditioner!
This is MsTioga typing at you, with the news that George broke my air conditioner cover! Would you believe?! He was driving to Uncle Seymour and Aunt Shirley's home a couple days ago, and drove under an overhanging tree limb! Look at what he did to my air conditioner cover!

2PM - Going to buy a new air conditioning cover!
We found a dealer that has a replacement air conditioner cover here in Santa Barbara, and are going to pick it up.

4PM - Day Camped along Pacific Coast Highway!
The Team is soooooo tired of having something break every single month! Wow! Too much! So, we decided NOT to replace the air conditioning cover that is broken this month. We are just getting our head above $financial$ waters, and the air conditioning cover is going to have to wait several weeks! We want to build up some savings, before spending money on repairs.

Our Day Camp is right near the Pacific Ocean (below). There are some tiny surfer dudes out there where George is looking.

8:30PM - Looking for our Nite Camp in Ventura, California
We are leaving our Day Camp site, which is about 10 miles north of the City of Ventura, CA. We will look for our Nite Camp inside Ventura. It is raining again!

10PM - Nite Camped in the City of Ventura
We have made our Nite Camp in a commercial area in the western side of Ventura, California. It is very quiet here, except for a train that went by which we could not see, only hear.

Note from MsTioga to her friends
This is MsTioga typing at you about all of the emails that I received today after I wrote earlier about my air conditioning cover being broken. Many of these emails were very angry at George, blaming him for my broken A/C cover. Actually, my A/C cover is very brittle because of aging. The cover of my A/C breaking was only an accident.

When we write in our Blog about what goes on in our journey, we want you to know what is really happening. We tell you about the good things, like visiting gorgeous rivers and forests. And, when bad things happen like the A/C cover breaking, we want you to know about that too. You want to know what really happens, don't you?

Anyway, I wanted you to know that George was not responsible for my broken A/C cover, because it was just an accident.


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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Great time with relatives!
George is having a great time with his Uncle Seymour, Aunt Shirley and Cousin Jacky! Only thing is, George got so excited that he forgot Mr. Mavica back inside MsTioga! Wow! This morning Mr. Mavica is waiting by the door so that George won't forget him. Mr. Mavica wants to take some pics of everybody.

8AM - Breakfast with the family!
Aunt Shirley prepared a wonderful breakfast [below].

3PM - A Mighty Storm
Heavy rain has come with a mighty storm here in Santa Barbara, California. Over 2" rain has fallen. MsTioga wants you to know that she has withstood this heavy rain very well. The Team is sooooo proud of her!

Treated to Supper
George thinks that Uncle Seymour and Aunt Shirley will take the family out for supper this evening! Mr. Sony Mavica has asked to go with, so that he may take some pics of this happy event.

10PM - Mr. Mavica has a word for you!
This is Mr. Sony Mavica typing at you! I want to apologize for George, who forgot to take me out of his jacket pocket and have a waiter snap a pic of the family at supper in the restaurant this evening. I think that George was having such a good time, talking and eating and stuff, that he forgot about me until it was too late to snap a pic.


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Monday, October 25, 2004

Visiting Aunt & Uncle!
This morning The Team will visit with George's Aunt & Uncle who live somewhere below our Camp Site.

A cloud or fog is soooooo thick around our Camp, you would not believe! Last nite, the lites of the cities below were bright. But only for a little while and then the clouds returned. We have to descend thru this murky gloom this morning. Visibility is only about 50 feet at our 3400+ foot elevation.

A bit of light comes thru and we are able to see the distant Santa Barbara horizon [below].

11AM - Visiting with dear relatives!
The Team arrived at Uncle Seymour and Aunt Shirley's home. This is sooooo great. George's Cousin Jacky is coming over too! Wow!


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Sunday, October 24, 2004

3AM - We moved our Nite Camp!
The Team was up really early! 3AM! We moved and made a new Nite Camp near the La Purisima Mission, at a place listed as "Four Corners" on Mr. DeLorme's map. This new Nite Camp, is surrounded by open fields, and here Mr. Onan may run without disturbing anybody.

8AM - Four Corners pic
Below is a pic of our Nite Camp site, in the morning. Last year as we recall, the
field behind MsTioga was filled with flowers from a flower farm. This year that field is fallow.

1PM - La Purisima Mission State Park
Mr. Mavica and George toured the Mission. The first pic below is George at the entrance sign. We love La Purisima Mission. But most of all, we love the garden. There are many kinds of plants growing in the garden, from the days of the Indians. Little signs tell about these plants. George likes to touch the leaves, and smell the scent on his fingers.

3PM - Pea Soup Anderson's in Buellton
We stopped in the Town of Buellton, home of the famous, "Pea Soup Anderson" restaurant and George ate a bowl of pea soup. Wow! Was that pea soup good!

4PM - Heading for our Nite Camp
We are going for our Nite Camp, high up in the Los Padres National Forest. On the way, we will drive thru the adorable Town of Solvang which claims to be the "Danish Capital of America!" There were tons of people in Solvang, most of them probably buying Danish pastry!

6PM - Nite Camped on Camino Cielo!
We have made our Nite Camp in the Los Padres National Forest on a mountain road named, "Camino Cielo" (Sky or Heavenly Road). If we could were able to look south from here, at our 3,472 foot elevation, we would be able to see the lights of the towns of Santa Barbara, Isla Vista and Goleta far below. But we cannot look out, because our Nite Camp is inside a cloud! Look at the pic below, and you will see this cloud!

Late evening - The sky opened up!
MsTioga was the first to see the lites below! The sky opened up and the cloud that enclosed us was gone!! George looked out thru the window. All around, as far as could be seen, the tiny lites of the towns were beautiful. Even the Moon was out! Wow!


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Saturday, October 23, 2004

8:40AM - Mr. Chips & George slept late!
Mr. Chips & George installed Microsoft's Service Pack 2 (SP2) update this morning. At 2AM, would you believe!!? Mr. Chips & George did not get to bed until 4AM. Wow! Anyway, the SP2 update went well, and there were only a few minor glitches.

Are you interested in tech stuff? MsTioga Magazine's newest story is about:

Heading south on Highway #1
This morning we our going thru the Town of Guadalupe. Even Lompoc is close! Wow! "Back In Lompoc Again!" Isn't that the title of a song?

Noon - Time for napping!
Everybody on The Team suspected that Mr. Chips and George would crash today. Who could stay up until 4AM, and last the day?

We have made a Day Camp a few miles south of Orcutt, CA. Hwy #1 is above us, about 200 yeards away. It is pretty quiet for as close as we are to Hwy #1. Below is a pic of George & MsTioga looking at the hill behind our Day Camp.

Miss RVLooking is The Team's hero!
Just before we left our Day Camp, Miss RVLooking suggested that George do some practice backups to the fence behind MsTioga. George did several backups, and WOW! Do you want to see how good Miss RVLooking really is? Hmmmmm? Take a look at the pic below, OK?

In case you did not know, Miss RVLooking is our newest Team member. She is a backup camera. A reader of our Blog [Tim the Toolman] became very concerned, because George kept on bashing into things when backing up. Reader Tim the Toolman donated Miss RVLooking so that MsTioga would be safe, when George put her into reverse! Isn't that the nicest thing? Hmmmmmm?

4PM - Back in Lompoc again!
Lompoc is a full sized, full amenity type city. The Team likes to be in this size city every once in awhile. Especially for shopping.

Nite Camp in Lompoc
We have made Nite Camp in a commercial/residential neighborhood in Lompoc. Highway #1 is a 1/2 block away, and we expect the traffic noise to die away by bedtime.


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