Sunday, October 24, 2004

3AM - We moved our Nite Camp!
The Team was up really early! 3AM! We moved and made a new Nite Camp near the La Purisima Mission, at a place listed as "Four Corners" on Mr. DeLorme's map. This new Nite Camp, is surrounded by open fields, and here Mr. Onan may run without disturbing anybody.

8AM - Four Corners pic
Below is a pic of our Nite Camp site, in the morning. Last year as we recall, the
field behind MsTioga was filled with flowers from a flower farm. This year that field is fallow.

1PM - La Purisima Mission State Park
Mr. Mavica and George toured the Mission. The first pic below is George at the entrance sign. We love La Purisima Mission. But most of all, we love the garden. There are many kinds of plants growing in the garden, from the days of the Indians. Little signs tell about these plants. George likes to touch the leaves, and smell the scent on his fingers.

3PM - Pea Soup Anderson's in Buellton
We stopped in the Town of Buellton, home of the famous, "Pea Soup Anderson" restaurant and George ate a bowl of pea soup. Wow! Was that pea soup good!

4PM - Heading for our Nite Camp
We are going for our Nite Camp, high up in the Los Padres National Forest. On the way, we will drive thru the adorable Town of Solvang which claims to be the "Danish Capital of America!" There were tons of people in Solvang, most of them probably buying Danish pastry!

6PM - Nite Camped on Camino Cielo!
We have made our Nite Camp in the Los Padres National Forest on a mountain road named, "Camino Cielo" (Sky or Heavenly Road). If we could were able to look south from here, at our 3,472 foot elevation, we would be able to see the lights of the towns of Santa Barbara, Isla Vista and Goleta far below. But we cannot look out, because our Nite Camp is inside a cloud! Look at the pic below, and you will see this cloud!

Late evening - The sky opened up!
MsTioga was the first to see the lites below! The sky opened up and the cloud that enclosed us was gone!! George looked out thru the window. All around, as far as could be seen, the tiny lites of the towns were beautiful. Even the Moon was out! Wow!


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  1. When I was in my 30s a group I was with stopped at Andersons and I ate a ton of pea soup and a bunch of the free cheese and crackers they had then. I then release a ton of methane for the rest of the day and night ... and we were in a big tent on the beach with a ton of people ... it was bad for them!!!!! There was a lot of laughing all night long.