Sunday, October 31, 2004

4AM - Wow! Daylite savings time ended! Or did it begin? Hmmm?
This morning we are going to visit George's sister, Seyma, who lives beneath the famous "HOLLYWOOD" sign in Los Angeles. Mr. Mavica loves to visit Seyma's home because he goes crazy for taking pics of the "HOLLYWOOD" sign from Seyma's porch.

9AM - Under the Hollywood Sign!
The Team made a wrong turn, thanks to Mr. DeLorme, and we wound around on tiny roads, barely getting by, because it was sooooo narrow. When we got to George's sister's home, she wisked George and Mr. Mavica away to go to Nephew Steve's home. Wow! Below is a pic of Nephew Steve in his new home in Ontario, California!

2PM - Mr. Mavica never got a pic of the famous Hollywood sign from Seyma's porch!
When George and Mr. Mavica returned to Seyma's home, Mr. Mavica was soooo excited about taking a pic of the Hollywood sign. But we never got to go inside Seyma's home??!! She had a meeting to attend! Wow! George and Mr. Mavica were pretty disappointed, I will tell you true. Oh, well!

5PM - Supper Camped in Pico Rivera, California
The Team has made Supper Camp in the Town of Pico Rivera, about 10 miles southeast of the Los Angeles City Hall (as the crow flies). George is going to make beef enchiladas tonite for supper! Yummmm!

10PM - Nite Camp
We have made our Nite Camp only a few feet away from Supper Camp in a parking lot behind some stores. It is relatively quiet, for the Los Angeles area. If you have ever been to the Los Angeles area, you know that the din of traffic is present everywhere!


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