Saturday, October 23, 2004

8:40AM - Mr. Chips & George slept late!
Mr. Chips & George installed Microsoft's Service Pack 2 (SP2) update this morning. At 2AM, would you believe!!? Mr. Chips & George did not get to bed until 4AM. Wow! Anyway, the SP2 update went well, and there were only a few minor glitches.

Are you interested in tech stuff? MsTioga Magazine's newest story is about:

Heading south on Highway #1
This morning we our going thru the Town of Guadalupe. Even Lompoc is close! Wow! "Back In Lompoc Again!" Isn't that the title of a song?

Noon - Time for napping!
Everybody on The Team suspected that Mr. Chips and George would crash today. Who could stay up until 4AM, and last the day?

We have made a Day Camp a few miles south of Orcutt, CA. Hwy #1 is above us, about 200 yeards away. It is pretty quiet for as close as we are to Hwy #1. Below is a pic of George & MsTioga looking at the hill behind our Day Camp.

Miss RVLooking is The Team's hero!
Just before we left our Day Camp, Miss RVLooking suggested that George do some practice backups to the fence behind MsTioga. George did several backups, and WOW! Do you want to see how good Miss RVLooking really is? Hmmmmm? Take a look at the pic below, OK?

In case you did not know, Miss RVLooking is our newest Team member. She is a backup camera. A reader of our Blog [Tim the Toolman] became very concerned, because George kept on bashing into things when backing up. Reader Tim the Toolman donated Miss RVLooking so that MsTioga would be safe, when George put her into reverse! Isn't that the nicest thing? Hmmmmmm?

4PM - Back in Lompoc again!
Lompoc is a full sized, full amenity type city. The Team likes to be in this size city every once in awhile. Especially for shopping.

Nite Camp in Lompoc
We have made Nite Camp in a commercial/residential neighborhood in Lompoc. Highway #1 is a 1/2 block away, and we expect the traffic noise to die away by bedtime.


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