Friday, October 29, 2004

George's sister lives below the famous "HOLLYWOOD" sign!
George wants to visit his sister Seyma, in Los Angeles. Her home is very close to, and beneath the famous "HOLLYWOOD" sign in the City of Los Angeles. The Team will move south around 30 miles today in the direction of Seyma's home. Perhaps we will find a lovely spot to Day Camp and search for Adventure!

8:30AM - Day Camped near Point Mugu
The Team has made a Day Camp a hundred yards from the Pacific Ocean. The "Big Point Mugu Rock" almost casts its shadow onto MsTioga. We can see the waves breaking out our window (below).

3PM - Going to visit Bruno Dog!
Do you know about George's friend, Bruno Dog? Take a peek at the archives for November 13, 2003. George wants to visit his friend, Bruno Dog again. Bruno lives in Tujunga Canyon, northeast of Los Angeles. We are not sure if we can get to Tujunga Canyon today. This Los Angeles area is a huge place, and difficult to drive thru.

5PM - We are in Tujunga Canyon with Bruno Dog!
The Team arrived in Tujunga Canyon. Right away, Mr. Mavica and George went over to say Hi to Bruno Dog, who was found sleeping on his porch bed. Bruno was sooooo happy to see us, that he jumped all over and smiled his BIG smile.

7PM - Nite Camp in Big Tujunga Canyon
We have made our Nite Camp in Big Tujunga Canyon near the Stoneyvale Picnic Ground. Across the road from our Camp, lives Bruno Dog with his family. This afternoon we visited with a friend of Bruno Dog, and a reader of the TiogaRV Blog, Ben Furie who lives on the otherside of the river that flows thru this canyon. We hope to say hi to Rose and Max who are Bruno Dog's family in the morning.


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  1. This location looks like a no go now ... they even painted NO PARKING on the road.