Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Great time with relatives!
George is having a great time with his Uncle Seymour, Aunt Shirley and Cousin Jacky! Only thing is, George got so excited that he forgot Mr. Mavica back inside MsTioga! Wow! This morning Mr. Mavica is waiting by the door so that George won't forget him. Mr. Mavica wants to take some pics of everybody.

8AM - Breakfast with the family!
Aunt Shirley prepared a wonderful breakfast [below].

3PM - A Mighty Storm
Heavy rain has come with a mighty storm here in Santa Barbara, California. Over 2" rain has fallen. MsTioga wants you to know that she has withstood this heavy rain very well. The Team is sooooo proud of her!

Treated to Supper
George thinks that Uncle Seymour and Aunt Shirley will take the family out for supper this evening! Mr. Sony Mavica has asked to go with, so that he may take some pics of this happy event.

10PM - Mr. Mavica has a word for you!
This is Mr. Sony Mavica typing at you! I want to apologize for George, who forgot to take me out of his jacket pocket and have a waiter snap a pic of the family at supper in the restaurant this evening. I think that George was having such a good time, talking and eating and stuff, that he forgot about me until it was too late to snap a pic.


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