Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Team is WAY behind in answering email!
This is Mr. Chips typing at you. For The Team, I want to apologize for being WAY behind in answering our email. What happened is, we have been socializing soooo much over the past few days, that we got far behind in our emails. We will answer them all very soon, OK?

Visiting with Mr. Bruno Dog's family!
This morning, George and Mr. Mavica went over to say hi to Mr. Bruno Dog, and meet his family. This was sooooo great! We got to meet Rose who is like Mr. Bruno's mom, and Rose's sister, Haidie. The four of us had a wonderful time talking the morning away. Mr. Mavica took a pic of the four of us in Rose's yard (below).

George, Mr. Bruno Dog, Rose and Haidie.

6PM - Supper Camp
We have left Big Tujunga Canyon after saying goodbye to Mr. Bruno Dog and his family; Rose, Haidie, Marjorie (sister) and Steve (Marjorie's friend). We made a date with George's sister, Seyma, to get together Sunday Morning.

The Team is Supper Camped in the City of Glendale, California. Do you want to hear something that we just noticed about our looking for a Camp site inside a City? Hmmmmmm? Well, we noticed that we sort of "feel" whether we will choose a spot, rather than think about it. Perhaps we have been doing this for so long that, we know down deep in our "Team Gut" when a place looks good for us. Last year, we used to choose places that were not good, and then have to move. Now, that rarely happens anymore. We like that feeling!

10PM - Nite Camp
Our Supper Camp site turned into our Nite Camp. The sounds of traffic are pretty quiet here. During the early evening, in the distance, we could hear the sounds of Saturday Nite partying. The party goers stayed away from The Team, however!


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  1. That looks like a dicey nite camp ... an elementary school. (It is a saturday night. I thinking the stay away from schools rule might be something to think about for this one.