Thursday, October 28, 2004

Today we meet, Reader Bob!
A fellow named "Bob" became a TiogaRV blog reader sometime ago. When George began to try figure out how to earn $money$ for The Team's expenses, many readers offered advice and donated $money$. However Bob was different, because Bob was relentless.

Bob wanted The Team to publish web pages in order to earn $money$. We on The Team did not understand what Bob wanted us to do, because it seemed impossible for us to be able to earn $money$ by publishing web pages. But Bob would not give up on The Team. Bob kept writing emails, giving suggestions and advice. Hundreds of emails!

Finally, after months went by, Bob's suggestions and advice began to take root. That was how, "MsTioga Magazine" was born. Totally because of Reader Bob's urging thru his emails, The Team has been able to earn $money$ with MsTioga Magazine stories.

A short while back, Reader Bob wrote that he lived in a town that The Team was going to travel thru! And, we will actually meet Bob today! Isn't that the greatest thing? Hmmmmmm? Bob and his wife Sharon, are taking George out to lunch today. Of course Mr. Mavica will come along to take pics. We hope that George will not forget to take those pics, as he has forgotten before!!

10AM - Bob & Sharon meet The Team!
Bob & Sharon and The Team made a date to meet at the Ventura Marina. We had a swell talk and then had lunch at the HomeTown Buffet! Wow! That was sooooo good. Below is a pic of Bob, Sharon & George inside MsTioga.

George and MsTioga look at our Day Camp in Ventura Marina (below).

5PM - Making Nite Camp at Bob & Sharon's Home
It is swell to be invited over, don't you think? Hmmmmm? So, The Team will make Nite Camp here!


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