Monday, October 25, 2004

Visiting Aunt & Uncle!
This morning The Team will visit with George's Aunt & Uncle who live somewhere below our Camp Site.

A cloud or fog is soooooo thick around our Camp, you would not believe! Last nite, the lites of the cities below were bright. But only for a little while and then the clouds returned. We have to descend thru this murky gloom this morning. Visibility is only about 50 feet at our 3400+ foot elevation.

A bit of light comes thru and we are able to see the distant Santa Barbara horizon [below].

11AM - Visiting with dear relatives!
The Team arrived at Uncle Seymour and Aunt Shirley's home. This is sooooo great. George's Cousin Jacky is coming over too! Wow!


No anchor map link published for this day.

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