Saturday, October 23, 2004

Welcome to California - Home of Cheap Gas!

6:30AM - Found a prime Day Camp Spot!
We broke Nite Camp early because a friend of ours, "Duke the WonderDog" wrote us an email yesterday saying, "Go down to Juan's Cantina and turn toward the beach on Pier Ave." So that's just what we did, and we found this Prime Day Camp.

The beach sand is one yard away from the back of MsTioga! Wow!

Sunrise - Walk on the beach.
Mr. Sony Mavica and George went for a walk on the beach. Below is a pic of MsTioga and George looking at the Pacific Ocean from our Day Camp.

On our walk, George and Mr. Mavica met two fishermen who used to live in Mexico. They did not speak very much English, so George got a chance to practice his Spanish! One of these fishermen caught three small perch while we watched them.

2PM George and Mr. Sunny have been working on a new story!
For several hours, George and Mr. Sunny have been working on a new story. This new story is called, "Solar Battery Charge Controllers." Would you like to take a sneak peek, hmmmmm? Here is a link, OK?

3PM - Penelope Pig walks on the beach!
Mr. Mavica and George met the cutest pig on the beach. Her name is Penelope, and she is a very friendly pig too. Penelope turned around in a circle, to show us one of her tricks. Below is a pic of Penelope and the human she owns.

Seven year old Penelope Pig and her human.

10PM - Grocery shopping & Nite Camp
We broke our Day Camp at Pismo State Beach. A beautiful Camp it was too. A lovely day! We headed to the Nite Camp area of yesterday, and on the way spied a Safeway Grocery. So, we did a little grocery shopping. And that is an interesting thing, which is.......

There is no clear division between day & nite anymore!
The Team has found that the vagabonding life provides no clear division between day and nite. Because we are always, "out there", we sometimes shop late at nite, as we did tonite.

We like that feeling. It is a feeling of freedom because, we don't have certain things that we feel that we MUST do during the nite. We can stay up until all hours, and sleep during the day. Isn't that the most remarkable thing?


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