Tuesday, November 30, 2004

4:30AM - Roosters crowing
We are immersed into the life of Rosarito Beach, Mexico. During the 4AM hour, neighborhood roosters began crowing. Many dogs live here, and they live a free and good life [if somebody feeds them].

George watches a birdy search for breakfast in the surf just after sunrise.

Do you want to get to know the town of Rosarito Beach? Hmmmmm?
This morning we will walk into town. Avenida Benito Juarez, the main road thru Rosarito, is only a few blocks away. We will pass the Lavamatica, the coin laundry and we will introduce you to the nice lady who manages this little place. We wash our clothes at the Lavamatica.

We will go to the panaderia [bakery] and Mr. Mavica will take pics of pastry and rolls that were made fresh this morning. Most every item in the panaderia may be purchased for 5 pesos [$.45US] or less.

The Calimex mercado [market] is across the street from the panaderia. Waldo's store is there too, where everything is for sale for only 11 pesos. We will walk into these stores together and thru Mr. Mavica's eye show you what goes on. Wow!

11AM - Our walk around Rosarito!
Mr. Mavica, TriPod and George walked up to the Lavamatica. Below is George looking at this store.

Below is the manager of Lavamatica. Her name is Jessie. If you do not want to do your own laundry, Jessie will do it for you!

Tacos Aqui [Tacos Here] is a little ways up the street from Lavamatica. Tacos Aqui serves tacos made from beef tongue and this is very popular. This taco stand run by Prieto and his wife Laguera. Below is a pic of Tacos Aqui.

La Espiga Panaderia [Bakery} is not too far away. Below is a pic of George looking at La Espiga, and below that is a pic of the inside showing a bunch of goodies.

CaliMax Mercado is right down the street from La Espiga Panaderia. We took a pic of the eggs, which were soooooo cheap. As you may see from the price in the pic, $34.50 pesos or $3.14 for 30 eggs! Wow!


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Monday, November 29, 2004

5:30AM - Mexico Moving Monday!
Yes, that's right! This Morning we Move to Mexico! Wow! George popped a Roast Beast into the oven. The Roast should be done about the time we head south this morning.

6AM - Baby Bonsai Twee says the dawn is beautiful!
Baby Bonsai Twee, who now lives on MsTioga's roof, called down to The Team this morning to announce that the dawn is beautiful! So, Mr. Mavica, TriPod and George went up to take a peek at the dawn of a new day from MsTioga's roof.

By the way, Baby Bonsai Twee is having quite a struggle for survival. But Twee is very brave and believes that he will make it! Wow! We love Twee.

1PM - Bienvenidos a Mexico! [Welcome to Mexico!]
We traveled into downtown Tijuana not by choice. We forgot the way. In order to get oriented, we have stopped in Playas de Tijuana [Tijuana Beaches]. It is interesting getting used to driving in Mexico again. It takes a bit getting used to the difference in traffic signs.

Below is a pic just as we were crossing the frontera [border].

3PM - We are Day Camped in Rosarito Beach, Mexico!
Getting money from the Bank is an interesting experience.
We love to get dinero [money] from bancos [banks] in Mexico. They give you sooooo much! The exchange rate is about 11 pesos for $1. We asked for $1,500 pesos! Wow! This is actually $136US dollars, but it seems like soooooo much more. The receipt shows the bank balance, and it is so much in pesos. If pesos were dollars, we would be rolling in dough! Man-O-Man!!

Going to say hello to our Rosarito Beach friends!
Last year when we stayed in Rosarito Beach, we stayed in front of Joyce and Tim's home which is right on the beach. We are going down there now, to say hello and see if it is OK to stay there again.

4:30PM - Nite Camped at Joyce and Tim's Home on the beach!
MsTioga and The Team have made Nite Camp in front of Joyce and Tim's home. The Sun is just a bit above the horizon and about to set. In the pic below, George stands at the sea wall looking at the beach. MsTioga is about 30 feet behind us.

5PM - George, Mr. Mavica and Tripod are going out for supper!
We are walking up to the Boulevard and over to Manuel's Taco Stand for supper. Wow! This is soooooo neat!

6:30PM - Back from supper at Manuel's Tacos!
Do you want to see a pic of the supper at Manuel's? Hmmmmm?

These are BBQ pork tacos, and they were soooooo delicious! Each taco cost $10pesos. The exchange rate is $1=11pesos, so each taco cost 91 cents. The same taco at Roberto's Taco Shop in Mission Bay Park in San Diego, cost $3.50US. Man-O-Man!

MsTioga will need Mexican Auto Liability Insurance.
Last year when we entered Mexico, we purchased a one year Mexican Auto Liability Insurance policy which expires on January 21, 2005. Would you like to read a MsTioga Magazine story about Buying Mexican Insurance?


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Sunday, November 28, 2004

6AM - We are going to Mexico tomorrow!
Early this morning, we had a big Team Meeting. Everybody was there! It was decided that tomorrow morning, we would head south for Mexico! Wow! This is soooooo exciting!

Goal for George's 67th year
Yesterday we posted George's goal for his 66th year. Would you like to know what George's goal is for his 67th year? Hmmmmmm? OK, here it is:

"To spend some time every single day, deeply thinking about what I am doing, how I am doing, and how I can do it better!"

Are you thinking that this is not a very tough goal to achieve? We on The Team have found that many of our days just fly by, because we are soooooo busy. We hope that our 67th year's goal will center us, even for only a few minutes, every single day!

By the way, we are not throwing our 66th year's goal out the window. No! We now have both our 66th & 67th year's goals taped to the toilet door [our bulletin board].

6PM - We are Nite Camped in the Linda Vista area of San Diego
This Nite Camp is near a post office where a general delivery parcel is being held for our pickup. In the morning after we receive this parcel, we will be off for Mexico.

This afternoon, George shopped for two picture frames for MsTioga's walls. MsTioga thinks that the frames look really nice! We like hanging pictures! It's fun.


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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Making plans for heading down to Mexico!
We have some things to do to today to prepare The Team for our stay in Mexico. We are all getting pretty excited about going "South of the Border down Mexico Way!

Somebody on The Team is having a birthday today!
Can you guess who that Team Member could be? Hmmmmmm? Hint: This Team Member is celebrating a 67th year birthday.

3PM - Treating George to a Movie!
As a birthday present, George is treating himself to a movie called, "Finding Neverland." Have you heard of it?

9PM - Back from the movie, "Finding Neverland!"
"Finding Neverland" is a wonderful, uplifting movie. George loved it!

One Year Ago Today!
A year ago, on my 66th birthday, I wrote out my main goal for my 66th year. Would you like to read it? Hmmmmmm? OK then, here it is.
"To Be Aware of All My Senses."
  • "Sight"
  • "Smell"
  • "Touch"
  • "Taste"
  • "Hearing"

  • The idea behind this goal, was for me to take nothing for granted. It turned out that I could not meet this goal. It was too tough for me. I wasn't disciplined enough. But I refuse to give up on myself. For my 67th year, which begins today, my goal is to "Live every second!" I may not come close to reaching this goal either. I think that I am heading in the right direction though. What do you think?

    P.S.: This goal of taking nothing for granted, sprang from my not being able to eat or drink hardly anything during my chemotherapy. I made an oath to myself, that if I ever got over cancer, I would never take eating or drinking for granted again. I did pretty good on this oath. Now, when I dine with other people, I am the slowest eater of anybody. It takes a lot of time to eat, if I don't take eating for granted anymore.


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    Friday, November 26, 2004

    6AM - Day Camped at Mission Bay Park
    The Team moved east before any traffic started on the freeway, and have made a Day Camp in Mission Bay park.

    Baby Bonsai Twee
    We have told you before about Baby Bonsai Twee, which was a birthday gift to George in 2001 from his son Joey. Raising Bonsai is really hard. One bad move, and bonsai wants to die! Baby Bonsai Twee started turning brown, and was moved [whenever we camped] to MsTioga's roof to get sunshine and live outdoors where twees love to be. We do not know if Twee will make it or not yet.

    Today, we want to shop around in nurseries for a friend for Twee. We are looking for a juniper in a one gallon container. Maybe one with a large trunk. Wow! Have you ever raised bonsai?

    11AM - Dave and Alice came to call!
    Dave and Alice, readers of The TiogaRV Team Blog, dropped by to say hi. Isn't that the greatest thing? Dave is the fellow who suggested that George use Velcro to keep stuff in place inside MsTioga!

    Dave & Alice visit at Mission Bay Park.

    4PM - We did sooooo many things!
    We went to a nursery and bought a tiny Juniper twee. Then, George took a two hour nap!? Hmmmm? George must be tired from eating so much at Thanksgiving dinner!

    We are now Day Camped at Shelter Island, and George is going to make an appetizer of falafel balls. Wow! That George just cannot stop eating! Below is a pic of Juniper Twee, falafel balls and the hummus dip! Wow! George ate every falafel ball.

    11PM - Nite Camped close to Shelter Island Drive
    There are several RVs each nite, that are parked right on Shelter Island. The Team chooses not to Nite Camp there because the area is posted against RVs. We made our Nite Camp less than a mile away.

    Have you read the before and after story of our CabOver Cabinet?
    Several months ago, we converted our cabover area to a large shelf for storage. A few days ago, we built a CabOver Cabinet to replace the shelf. Here is the story of the before and after of the Fantastic CabOver Cabinet!


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    Thursday, November 25, 2004

    Thanksgiving Day!
    MsTioga and The Team wish you the very best Thanksgiving Day! We are sooooo thankful for our wonderful life! We want to thank you for tuning into our blog and allowing us to share ourselves with you.

    6AM - Moving from our Nite Camp to watch the sunrise over Shelter Island!
    You probably think that The Team loves Shelter Island, because we come here soooooo much! You are right! We love this place, especially at sunrise, and sunset, and all other times too.

    Thanksgiving Day Sunrise at Shelter Island!

    Wow! Invited for Thanksgiving Day Dinner! Man-O-Man!!
    We have just been invited to share Thanksgiving at John & Mimi's home in San Diego! Isn't that the most wonderful thing? Hmmmmm? John is the reader who took George out for lunch yesterday!

    6PM - Thanksgiving was wonderful!
    We had a grand time at John and Mimi's home for Thanksgiving. Mr. Mavica took a pic of Mimi, George, Gail and Dean's Mom just before the turkey was carved. The food was fabulous.

    Nite Camp in La Mesa, California, near Murray Reservoir
    The Murray Reservoir area seems pretty quiet, and we are making Nite Camp here.


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    Wednesday, November 24, 2004

    7AM - Shelter Island Day Camp
    We are on Shelter Island, and the morning is gorgeous! We love this place because it is right next to the water and the great skyline of San Diego is right out of MsTioga's window. Would you like to see a morning sunrise pic looking out of MsTioga's window? Hmmmmmm?

    Reader John coming
    John, a reader of the Blog is coming by on his bike around noon. We are going out for lunch with John to a fish market nearby! Wow! Maybe after lunch, John, George, Mr. Trek and Mr. Mavica will go on a bike ride together!! Man-O-Man! That will be soooo neat.

    3PM - Returned from a lunch at Point Loma Seafood!
    George and John talked for awhile onboard MsTioga, and then biked to Point Loma Seafood for lunch. Wow! Everything was great! In the pic below, Mr. Mavica catches a pic of George & John after lunch.

    4PM - Working on a story about our new CabOver Cabinet!
    George & MsTioga are busy this morning on a story about our NEW CabOver Cabinet. Several readers have mentioned that the CabOver Cabinet is not finished because it has no doors yet. That's true! The doors will come in awhile, when we are able to prudently afford them.

    11PM - Made Nite Camp soooo close to Shelter Island!
    We made our Nite Camp, the closest ever to Shelter Island. The rear of an apartment house is across the street, and a gated parking area is next to us. Perfect for a safe Nite Camp.


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    Tuesday, November 23, 2004

    6AM - Moving into Balboa Park for our Day Camp
    Today is going to be great! It is FREE Tuesday in Balboa Park! Do you want to hear which places are free? Hmmmm? OK then!

    These are the FREE exhibits: Aerospace, Automotive, Hall of Champions! Our favorite has got to be the exhibit on Aerospace. We love that stuff. Mr. Mavica goes crazy when he sees airplanes.

    1PM - Back for lunch after the Aerospace Museum
    George, Mr. Mavica and TriPod came back to MsTioga for lunch. Do you want to see some pics that Mr. Mavica took?

    Here is George in front of his favorite fighter, the P51 Mustang.

    George poses with James McDonnell, founder of McDonnell Aircraft Corp.

    Here is George with John Northrup, founder of Northrup Aircraft.

    4PM - Mr. Onan's Generator Engine Oil Change
    The parking lot seemed perfect for changing Mr. Onan's engine oil. New oil is required every 150 generator hours. In the pic below, it might appear that the oil is draining onto the asphalt. Actually, there is a black container catching the old engine oil under Mr. Onan.

    10PM - Breaking our Day Camp
    The Team is breaking our Day Camp and moving west near Shelter Island where we will make our Nite Camp. Tomorrow we have a date with John, a reader who wants to meet The Team! Isn't that great? We love dates.


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