Tuesday, November 30, 2004

4:30AM - Roosters crowing
We are immersed into the life of Rosarito Beach, Mexico. During the 4AM hour, neighborhood roosters began crowing. Many dogs live here, and they live a free and good life [if somebody feeds them].

George watches a birdy search for breakfast in the surf just after sunrise.

Do you want to get to know the town of Rosarito Beach? Hmmmmm?
This morning we will walk into town. Avenida Benito Juarez, the main road thru Rosarito, is only a few blocks away. We will pass the Lavamatica, the coin laundry and we will introduce you to the nice lady who manages this little place. We wash our clothes at the Lavamatica.

We will go to the panaderia [bakery] and Mr. Mavica will take pics of pastry and rolls that were made fresh this morning. Most every item in the panaderia may be purchased for 5 pesos [$.45US] or less.

The Calimex mercado [market] is across the street from the panaderia. Waldo's store is there too, where everything is for sale for only 11 pesos. We will walk into these stores together and thru Mr. Mavica's eye show you what goes on. Wow!

11AM - Our walk around Rosarito!
Mr. Mavica, TriPod and George walked up to the Lavamatica. Below is George looking at this store.

Below is the manager of Lavamatica. Her name is Jessie. If you do not want to do your own laundry, Jessie will do it for you!

Tacos Aqui [Tacos Here] is a little ways up the street from Lavamatica. Tacos Aqui serves tacos made from beef tongue and this is very popular. This taco stand run by Prieto and his wife Laguera. Below is a pic of Tacos Aqui.

La Espiga Panaderia [Bakery} is not too far away. Below is a pic of George looking at La Espiga, and below that is a pic of the inside showing a bunch of goodies.

CaliMax Mercado is right down the street from La Espiga Panaderia. We took a pic of the eggs, which were soooooo cheap. As you may see from the price in the pic, $34.50 pesos or $3.14 for 30 eggs! Wow!


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