Monday, November 22, 2004

5:30AM - Broke Nite Camp early, and moved to nearby residential neighborhood.
The Team moved from our Nite Camp very early, because employees want to park during the day in our Nite Camp spot. George wants to sleep some more, so we will find a quiet place for that.

7:30AM Flower Walk Time!
Our flower walk will be a one mile one this morning. We need a long walk to work off the dessert from yesterday. Oh, yes! You don't know about that yet. Here is what happened.

Late yesterday evening, George got an urge for dessert. So, he went to a Von's grocery and bought this gigantic frozen Mrs. Smith's dutch apple pie AND a tub of rocky road ice cream! Wow! Just yesterday George vowed to eat less, and here he went for pie and ice cream.

Now we have to find some nice RVer to give the rest of the pie and ice cream to. We cannot keep it inside MsTioga, because George obviously cannot be trusted. Man-O-Man!

9:30AM - A Two Hour Flower Walk! Wow!
The Team was soooooo surprised when George took two whole hours for his flower walk! During the flower walk, we found that we are Day Camped close to the Outback Steakhouse where we were treated for supper a short while back. Wow! That was a great time for supper!

In the pic below, George shows off his flower harvest as a neighborhood doggie comes by to say Hi!

Baby Bonsai Twee now lives on MsTioga's roof!
Do you remember a few weeks ago when we were at La Purisima Mission that we ran into Mr. Osaka the bonsai nurseryman? Well, Mr. Osaka told us that Baby Bonsai Twee had to live outdoors if he were going to survive. The Team had a meeting this morning about Baby Bonsai Twee's health, which has been very poor. It was decided that Baby Bonsai should move permanently to MsTioga's roof, where he now resides. Mr. Sunny has agreed to keep an eye on Baby Bonsai, in his new home nested between a solar panel and a roof vent.

3PM - We are in Mission Bay Park. The fabulous TiogaCAM is on!
We are working on a new MsTioga Magazine story in Mission Bay Park.

11PM - Moving to Balboa Park area for Nite Camp
The Team is breaking Nite Camp at Mission Bay Park, and moving to the Balboa Park area in order to be close to the museums tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is FREE Tuesday in Balboa Park!

11:30PM - Nite Camp near Balboa Park
The Team made our Nite Camp in the same place as last Monday, near Balboa Park.

New!! MsTioga story on choosing to buy your RV! Are you wondering about....


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