Monday, November 01, 2004

5:30AM - Headed south toward Long Beach
The Team is on the road early this morning. We have not gotten used to the daylite savings time switch yet! We will be heading south toward the Long Beach area and the Pacific Ocean, poking around and seeing what can be seen.

6:30AM - Smoke filled MsTioga's inside!
Suddenly smoke started billowing up near the front inside of MsTioga. George pulled over, thinking that something had shorted out in the engine compartment. It turned out, that the leads to Mr. DeLorme's little GPS monitor had shorted. After the wires were replaced, everything worked fine! Wow!

We decided to make Breakfast Camp where we fixed the wires. There is a Ralphs grocery here, and we are going to do some shopping after breakfast.

7PM - We had a wonderful day!
Mr. Mavica would love to show you pics of our meeting with George's oldest friend, David and David's wife Marlynne! But George went off and forgot Mr. Mavica! Wow!

George has known David since they were kids living in City Terrace, a part of East Los Angeles. We had a great supper. Talked and talked! Today was great!!

8PM - Nite Camped in Newport Beach.
The Team has made our Nite Camp near Highway 55 (Newport Blvd.) Hwy 55 is a busy road, but we feel by bedtime the traffic will die down and it will be quiet here.


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