Monday, November 29, 2004

5:30AM - Mexico Moving Monday!
Yes, that's right! This Morning we Move to Mexico! Wow! George popped a Roast Beast into the oven. The Roast should be done about the time we head south this morning.

6AM - Baby Bonsai Twee says the dawn is beautiful!
Baby Bonsai Twee, who now lives on MsTioga's roof, called down to The Team this morning to announce that the dawn is beautiful! So, Mr. Mavica, TriPod and George went up to take a peek at the dawn of a new day from MsTioga's roof.

By the way, Baby Bonsai Twee is having quite a struggle for survival. But Twee is very brave and believes that he will make it! Wow! We love Twee.

1PM - Bienvenidos a Mexico! [Welcome to Mexico!]
We traveled into downtown Tijuana not by choice. We forgot the way. In order to get oriented, we have stopped in Playas de Tijuana [Tijuana Beaches]. It is interesting getting used to driving in Mexico again. It takes a bit getting used to the difference in traffic signs.

Below is a pic just as we were crossing the frontera [border].

3PM - We are Day Camped in Rosarito Beach, Mexico!
Getting money from the Bank is an interesting experience.
We love to get dinero [money] from bancos [banks] in Mexico. They give you sooooo much! The exchange rate is about 11 pesos for $1. We asked for $1,500 pesos! Wow! This is actually $136US dollars, but it seems like soooooo much more. The receipt shows the bank balance, and it is so much in pesos. If pesos were dollars, we would be rolling in dough! Man-O-Man!!

Going to say hello to our Rosarito Beach friends!
Last year when we stayed in Rosarito Beach, we stayed in front of Joyce and Tim's home which is right on the beach. We are going down there now, to say hello and see if it is OK to stay there again.

4:30PM - Nite Camped at Joyce and Tim's Home on the beach!
MsTioga and The Team have made Nite Camp in front of Joyce and Tim's home. The Sun is just a bit above the horizon and about to set. In the pic below, George stands at the sea wall looking at the beach. MsTioga is about 30 feet behind us.

5PM - George, Mr. Mavica and Tripod are going out for supper!
We are walking up to the Boulevard and over to Manuel's Taco Stand for supper. Wow! This is soooooo neat!

6:30PM - Back from supper at Manuel's Tacos!
Do you want to see a pic of the supper at Manuel's? Hmmmmm?

These are BBQ pork tacos, and they were soooooo delicious! Each taco cost $10pesos. The exchange rate is $1=11pesos, so each taco cost 91 cents. The same taco at Roberto's Taco Shop in Mission Bay Park in San Diego, cost $3.50US. Man-O-Man!

MsTioga will need Mexican Auto Liability Insurance.
Last year when we entered Mexico, we purchased a one year Mexican Auto Liability Insurance policy which expires on January 21, 2005. Would you like to read a MsTioga Magazine story about Buying Mexican Insurance?


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