Friday, November 26, 2004

6AM - Day Camped at Mission Bay Park
The Team moved east before any traffic started on the freeway, and have made a Day Camp in Mission Bay park.

Baby Bonsai Twee
We have told you before about Baby Bonsai Twee, which was a birthday gift to George in 2001 from his son Joey. Raising Bonsai is really hard. One bad move, and bonsai wants to die! Baby Bonsai Twee started turning brown, and was moved [whenever we camped] to MsTioga's roof to get sunshine and live outdoors where twees love to be. We do not know if Twee will make it or not yet.

Today, we want to shop around in nurseries for a friend for Twee. We are looking for a juniper in a one gallon container. Maybe one with a large trunk. Wow! Have you ever raised bonsai?

11AM - Dave and Alice came to call!
Dave and Alice, readers of The TiogaRV Team Blog, dropped by to say hi. Isn't that the greatest thing? Dave is the fellow who suggested that George use Velcro to keep stuff in place inside MsTioga!

Dave & Alice visit at Mission Bay Park.

4PM - We did sooooo many things!
We went to a nursery and bought a tiny Juniper twee. Then, George took a two hour nap!? Hmmmm? George must be tired from eating so much at Thanksgiving dinner!

We are now Day Camped at Shelter Island, and George is going to make an appetizer of falafel balls. Wow! That George just cannot stop eating! Below is a pic of Juniper Twee, falafel balls and the hummus dip! Wow! George ate every falafel ball.

11PM - Nite Camped close to Shelter Island Drive
There are several RVs each nite, that are parked right on Shelter Island. The Team chooses not to Nite Camp there because the area is posted against RVs. We made our Nite Camp less than a mile away.

Have you read the before and after story of our CabOver Cabinet?
Several months ago, we converted our cabover area to a large shelf for storage. A few days ago, we built a CabOver Cabinet to replace the shelf. Here is the story of the before and after of the Fantastic CabOver Cabinet!


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