Tuesday, November 23, 2004

6AM - Moving into Balboa Park for our Day Camp
Today is going to be great! It is FREE Tuesday in Balboa Park! Do you want to hear which places are free? Hmmmm? OK then!

These are the FREE exhibits: Aerospace, Automotive, Hall of Champions! Our favorite has got to be the exhibit on Aerospace. We love that stuff. Mr. Mavica goes crazy when he sees airplanes.

1PM - Back for lunch after the Aerospace Museum
George, Mr. Mavica and TriPod came back to MsTioga for lunch. Do you want to see some pics that Mr. Mavica took?

Here is George in front of his favorite fighter, the P51 Mustang.

George poses with James McDonnell, founder of McDonnell Aircraft Corp.

Here is George with John Northrup, founder of Northrup Aircraft.

4PM - Mr. Onan's Generator Engine Oil Change
The parking lot seemed perfect for changing Mr. Onan's engine oil. New oil is required every 150 generator hours. In the pic below, it might appear that the oil is draining onto the asphalt. Actually, there is a black container catching the old engine oil under Mr. Onan.

10PM - Breaking our Day Camp
The Team is breaking our Day Camp and moving west near Shelter Island where we will make our Nite Camp. Tomorrow we have a date with John, a reader who wants to meet The Team! Isn't that great? We love dates.


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