Sunday, November 28, 2004

6AM - We are going to Mexico tomorrow!
Early this morning, we had a big Team Meeting. Everybody was there! It was decided that tomorrow morning, we would head south for Mexico! Wow! This is soooooo exciting!

Goal for George's 67th year
Yesterday we posted George's goal for his 66th year. Would you like to know what George's goal is for his 67th year? Hmmmmmm? OK, here it is:

"To spend some time every single day, deeply thinking about what I am doing, how I am doing, and how I can do it better!"

Are you thinking that this is not a very tough goal to achieve? We on The Team have found that many of our days just fly by, because we are soooooo busy. We hope that our 67th year's goal will center us, even for only a few minutes, every single day!

By the way, we are not throwing our 66th year's goal out the window. No! We now have both our 66th & 67th year's goals taped to the toilet door [our bulletin board].

6PM - We are Nite Camped in the Linda Vista area of San Diego
This Nite Camp is near a post office where a general delivery parcel is being held for our pickup. In the morning after we receive this parcel, we will be off for Mexico.

This afternoon, George shopped for two picture frames for MsTioga's walls. MsTioga thinks that the frames look really nice! We like hanging pictures! It's fun.


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