Saturday, November 27, 2004

Making plans for heading down to Mexico!
We have some things to do to today to prepare The Team for our stay in Mexico. We are all getting pretty excited about going "South of the Border down Mexico Way!

Somebody on The Team is having a birthday today!
Can you guess who that Team Member could be? Hmmmmmm? Hint: This Team Member is celebrating a 67th year birthday.

3PM - Treating George to a Movie!
As a birthday present, George is treating himself to a movie called, "Finding Neverland." Have you heard of it?

9PM - Back from the movie, "Finding Neverland!"
"Finding Neverland" is a wonderful, uplifting movie. George loved it!

One Year Ago Today!
A year ago, on my 66th birthday, I wrote out my main goal for my 66th year. Would you like to read it? Hmmmmmm? OK then, here it is.
"To Be Aware of All My Senses."
  • "Sight"
  • "Smell"
  • "Touch"
  • "Taste"
  • "Hearing"

  • The idea behind this goal, was for me to take nothing for granted. It turned out that I could not meet this goal. It was too tough for me. I wasn't disciplined enough. But I refuse to give up on myself. For my 67th year, which begins today, my goal is to "Live every second!" I may not come close to reaching this goal either. I think that I am heading in the right direction though. What do you think?

    P.S.: This goal of taking nothing for granted, sprang from my not being able to eat or drink hardly anything during my chemotherapy. I made an oath to myself, that if I ever got over cancer, I would never take eating or drinking for granted again. I did pretty good on this oath. Now, when I dine with other people, I am the slowest eater of anybody. It takes a lot of time to eat, if I don't take eating for granted anymore.


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