Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thanksgiving Day!
MsTioga and The Team wish you the very best Thanksgiving Day! We are sooooo thankful for our wonderful life! We want to thank you for tuning into our blog and allowing us to share ourselves with you.

6AM - Moving from our Nite Camp to watch the sunrise over Shelter Island!
You probably think that The Team loves Shelter Island, because we come here soooooo much! You are right! We love this place, especially at sunrise, and sunset, and all other times too.

Thanksgiving Day Sunrise at Shelter Island!

Wow! Invited for Thanksgiving Day Dinner! Man-O-Man!!
We have just been invited to share Thanksgiving at John & Mimi's home in San Diego! Isn't that the most wonderful thing? Hmmmmm? John is the reader who took George out for lunch yesterday!

6PM - Thanksgiving was wonderful!
We had a grand time at John and Mimi's home for Thanksgiving. Mr. Mavica took a pic of Mimi, George, Gail and Dean's Mom just before the turkey was carved. The food was fabulous.

Nite Camp in La Mesa, California, near Murray Reservoir
The Murray Reservoir area seems pretty quiet, and we are making Nite Camp here.


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