Thursday, December 30, 2004

7AM - The dawn of an absolutely fabulous day in Vizcaino, Mexico!
It is only 7AM, and already it is T-shirt and short pants weather at The Team's Camp in Vizcaino, Mexico! Wow!

MsTioga and George are sooooo happy to welcome back the Sun!

88 Miles! - And The TiogaRV Team will be at the Gulf Coast!
We are not sure if we will go all the way to the coast today. After all, it's 88 miles, and that's a very long way, right? After breakfast here in Vizcaino, we will look around town a bit and do some grocery shopping. Then we'll head toward San Ignacio, the next big town on the map.

1PM - San Ignacio for lunch at a lakeside restaurant!
We were thinking about staying overnite at the Town of San Ignacio. Instead, we had lunch at Mikasa Restaurante, next to a lake. The waiter taught George how to use the words, "cual" and "que" which are sort of similar in Spanish. We had three fish tacos and rice with a coke for $6.35US. Very good too! We are now moving south toward the Town of Santa Rosalia on the coast.

George eating lunch in the Town of San Ignacio!

Mr. Mavica saw a large mountain and wanted a pic!
Mr. Mavica who always has his eye open for good pics, made MsTioga stop for this one of a large mountain with clouds. This mountain is the "Three Virgines Volcano." At this place, we are getting pretty close to the Town of Santa Rosalia.

Mr. Mavica takes a pic of the "Tres Virgenes Volcano", north of Santa Rosalia

Flowers are growing in the desert!
Maybe because it is summer-like weather here, flowers are growing. These yellow ones and lupine are everywhere.

Flowers blooming in the winter in the Southern Baja

4PM - We arrive in Santa Rosalia!
George never knows where to go when we enter a new town, but MsTioga always knows. We arrived as if by magic, at the city center. The town was alive with the sounds and sights of fiesta. It is New Years Eve, and the streets are going to be filled with dancing, happy people tomorrow.

George looks at one of two center streets in downtown Santa Rosalia.

5PM - We make a deal with two ladies who live in town for electricity!
George met a lady sweeping the street in front of her home. Actually, there were two ladies living there, Rosa and Lucia. We made a deal to plug into their electricity. We could not remain in the city center, and be running Mr. Onan, our generator. No way! The ladies did not want any money, for this service. But George told them that he would feel very bad if he could not pay for the electricity and the ladies accepted $100 pesos. Isn't this the greatest thing? Hmmmmmm?

George hooks the electricity up to MsTioga. 
We will stay here for two nites in order to 
celebrate the New Year fiesta here in Santa Rosalia!

Imagine the sounds of fiesta!
We are typing as fast as we can type, because we hear the sounds of fiesta from the downtown streets near our Nite Camp. The bells of the church across the street from our Camp are ringing. We want to go out, and be among the people of Santa Rosalia. We want to talk to them, get into the town, and feel fiesta! Wow!

7PM - We have returned from seeing Santa Rosalia in the evening!
The church is right across the road from our Camp, and there were guitars playing and people singing inside. George went in the church to see what was happening. The music was not like church music, but modern and with a beat that makes people want to dance and tap their feet to the rhythm. The church was packed, every seat taken and people standing along the back. Wow!

Across the road from the church, was a gymnasium. A basketball team from Mulege had come to challenge the Santa Rosalia team. Santa Rosalia is much better. There were a couple of hundred people in the stands cheering. These guys actually had plays that they ran! Exciting to watch!

On the main downtown street which is only two blocks from our Camp, stores were open and many shoppers were in them. George learned that there is going to be a dance tomorrow at a place called "Salon" which is a few blocks up the street. We will check that out tomorrow morning.

A juice stand looked very good, and George ordered an orange juice. Five oranges were squeezed. Pure orange juice, no ice. $15 pesos [$1.35US]. We bought two cookies for dessert, and came back to MsTioga to make supper. Salmon tonite! Yummm!

Nite Camp Map