Wednesday, December 01, 2004

7AM - Walking on the beach!
Mr. Mavica and George went north on the beach this morning. We walked about a mile and came to a place where there was an opening to the neighborhood near the beach. Very often we came upon cars parked with California license plates. Most of them have expired registration. Maybe vehicle license registration is not enforced in Rosarito Beach?

View from MsTioga's rear window!

Roads have been paved.
When we left Rosarito Beach last February, many of the cross streets leading to Joyce and Tim's home where we camp, were unpaved dirt roads. Now, these roads are all paved, and in concrete too! There are other improvements also. Many power poles are now new. A new street lamp is at the corner where MsTioga is camped.

11AM - Mr. Mavica, TriPod and George went for a ride to town on Mr. Trek!
We all went to the Commercial Market, which is a modern grocery with a large bakery inside. We all loved the look of the pastry display, and the donuts only cost 29 cents each!

All the bakeries that we have seen in Mexico, have a custom to use an aluminum tray and tongs to select the pastry to buy. The tray with the pastries is then brought to the counter to be priced and bagged.

Fresh donuts for only 29 cents each!

Sundown and Mr. Mavica and TriPod went outside to take a pic
Well, TriPod has legs you know, so why couldn't they go outside by themselves? Look at the lovely pic at sunset!

Ships at Sundown.


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