Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Heading out this morning, southeast toward the Gulf of California!
The Team hopes to camp each Nite, after only a short trip, the same as we do in the USA. Up until now, we have not boondocked even one time here in Mexico. Dry Camped, yes. Boondocked, no. Now that we are so far south in Baja, we may be more adventuresome in boondocking. About 45 miles down the road is the Town of Vizcaino. We would like to Nite Camp somewhere around there.

8AM - Breakfast Camped north of Vizcaino on the road to Benito Juarez!
Bacon and sausge are being cooked, as this is being typed to you! This morning, matzos eggs and onions are on the menu. What's that? You never had matzos eggs and onions before?! You poor deprived thing, you!

Can you imagine that? Hmmmmm? Rain, in December! And George just washed MsTioga's front end this morning! Wow!

George does not like standing in the rain waiting for Mr. Mavica to take a pic!

Noon - Day Camped in Town of Vizcaino.
The Team wants to travel in Mexico, as we do in the United States, about 30 miles each day. Today, we traveled 47 miles from Guerrero Negro to Vizcaino.

Vizcaino, is a typical small town with some stores along the main street. If we kept going on this main street toward the west, in 40 miles we would reach the tip of the peninsula that juts out into the Pacific at the bottom of the Bay of Vizcaino.

MsTioga is parked in a large vacant lot. The main road is about 50 yards away. There are a few homes on one side, and an auto wrecking yard too. People walk from some homes down the dirt road to shop at the stores nearby.

George and MsTioga look at their Camp in the Town of Vizcaino.

Doing some writing this afternoon.
George wants to do some writing. He has been working on something about tasting your food. It is pretty deep. Probably nobody will be interested, but George writes anyway.

6PM - Looks like the Town of Vizcaino will be our Nite Camp.
Nobody bothered MsTioga all afternoon. Some kids looked at her, that was all. So we feel that this place will make a good Nite Camp. The traffic on the road nearby is very lite now. It is quiet. Somebody is playing a guitar in the closest home.


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