Saturday, December 25, 2004

Heading south this morning toward the Town of El Rosario!
The Team will leave the comfortable Old Mill RV Park this morning, and head south to the Town of El Rosario.

3PM - Nite Camped in the Town of El Rosario!
We asked permission to park in front of a home in El Rosario. The family is having a fiesta here for Christmas. George is going to bake a cornbread to give to the fiesta as a way of thanking them for allowing The Team to stay the nite!

The Team's Nite Camp in front of a home in El Rosario

4PM - Went shopping for groceries while the Cornbread baked!
We bought bananas, pears, apples and roma tomatoes. From the meat department, we bought boneless chicken breasts, some beef that looks similar to flank steak and 1.25kgs of Monterey Jack cheese. Wow!

El Rosario Super Market.

Highway #1 enters El Rosario, and just passed the Pemex, makes a left hand turn to the east. Our Nite Camp is about 100 yards from this left turn.

4:30PM - Cornbread ready to give to say thank you!
George gave the cornbread present to the owner of the home, who was so happy for this gift. A giant smile came to his face and he asked in halting English, "This is for me?"

Cornbread hot from the oven!

6PM - The flank steak was wonderful!
The flank steak was pan fried in the cast iron skillet, with plenty of garlic. Wow! This steak was sooooooo good. During supper, the sound of many fiestas could be heard. Music, fireworks, voices.

You would not believe how delicious this steak meal tasted!

7PM - Walking around El Rosario.
Many, many of the homes have Christmas lites. As George walks into the neighborhood, away from Highway #1, more and more homes are having fiestas in their backyards. Old fashioned Mexican music is being played everywhere. People are laughing, drinking a lot of beer. Children all over the neighborhood light fireworks. Rockets go screaming into the sky and explode. Whirling fireworks are thrown into the street.

George would like some strawberry ice cream. Walking along Highway #1 in what might be downtown El Rosario, there is a store open. Would you believe that it is an ice cream store, and George gets his cup of strawberry ice cream? Mom and Dad who own the store are there with their two young daughters. The father and George talk about many things, while the oldest daughter listens. George asks the daughter, Eliana, if she understands his Spanish. Not too well, she replies.

The girls begin to set off their fiesta fireworks. They are having a wonderful time. So is George! Does it get any better than this? Hmmmmmm?


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