Monday, December 27, 2004

Long trip this morning for The Team!
When we arrived in the Village of Catavina yesterday, we found that the Pemex pump was covered with plastic. No gasoline. The next Pemex, is in the Town of Villa Jesus Maria, about 124 miles south. We are going to travel to Villa Jesus Maria this morning, because if we take 2-3 days to get there, and camp along the way, our generator will use up gasoline. Not good.

We have over 1/2 tank of gasoline right now, which should be more than enough to reach the next Pemex gas pump.

George looking at a giant Saguaro Cactus, just before leaving our Catavina RV Campground site.

11AM - Running on empty as we pulled in the Pemex!
MsTioga's gas gauge was below empty, as The Team arrived at the Pemex in Villa Jesus Maria. The tank was filled, and it took $63US to fill it. More than we ever paid for a tank of gas before!

The Town of Guerrero Negro.
We thought from the size of the letters on the AAA map, that Guerrero Negro would be a large city. However, it looks maybe about the size of Rosarito Beach, but perhaps poorer.

As we entered this Town, we were stopped at a military check point and had to pay $20 pesos for a white fly spray job. Apparently there is a white fly problem here.

Noon - Breakfast Camped in Guerrero Negro.
George has not had breakfast, and did not eat anything until now because he was worried about the gasoline situation. Now, it is time for breakfast!

2PM - Taking a walk around this Guerrero Negro neighborhood.
George changed into a T-shirt and short pants for this peek at the neighborhood. After all, it's 70 degrees outside! We are at the 28th parallel, for goodness sakes. The Tropic of Cancer is not too far away.

Back from our walk around the neighborhood. The dirt streets are much better than most Mexican towns that we have visited. There is a sandy surface, almost like brown beach sand covering the roads, and there are very few holes.

Here is a pic of George looking down the main road thru town, called Emiliano Zapata Blvd. The cross street is Lazaro Cardenas Blvd. Heroes of the revolution have streets named after them in many towns. Corona Beer must be special in this town, to find its advertisement on the street sign.

George on Emiliano Zapata Blvd., the main street in Guerrero Negro.

3PM - Breaking Day Camp and exploring to see the bay in Guerrero Negro.
West of this Day Camp, should be the waters of the Laguna Guerrero Negro for The Team to explore. We never found the bay, but we found other things.

What a nice store, and nearby neighborhood!
The Team was driving around, just looking, and we came upon the Tienda Essa. The word tienda means "store" in Spanish.

The Tienda Essa [Essa Grocery Store].

There were some posts on RV. NET today, about not being able to find grocery stores in the southern Baja. Take a look at this one!

Tienda Essa's inside look pretty modern to The Team.

Modern neighborhood nearby the Tienda Essa too.
A short distance from the grocery store, we were very surprised to find this upscale neighborhood in the Town of Guerrero Negro. This neighborhood could be in San Diego, for goodness sakes!

A lot of people are doing really well in the Town of Guerrero Negro.

Nite Camped across the road from Tienda Essa.
The Team has made a dry Nite Camp, at Tienda Essa. Tonite we will make fried chicken for supper. After supper, we will cook up a batch of beef enchiladas and freeze them for later.


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