Friday, December 31, 2004

Mr. Trek, Mr. Mavica, TriPod and George explore Santa Rosalia this morning!
After breakfast, we will explore Santa Rosalia on Mr. Trek, our valiant bicycle! We have seen some pics online and in travel magazines. Now we want to see it all for ourselves and share with you!

Panaderias - Mexican Bakeries are truly a unique place to experience!
The variety of baked goods that we find when we enter a panaderia [bakery] in Mexico is overwhelming. Dozens of different kinds of cookies, filled pastries, glazed baked goods with different shapes (horns, diamonds, rounds).

Often these pastries are frosted with coatings of many different kinds. These coatings sparkle when they are sugar. Some look like chocolate, but are not chocolate. Nearly all cookies are puffed up somehow, to be giant.

In most panaderias, there is a tradition for picking the pastries that you will buy. Aluminum trays and tongs are provided customers. Pastries are picked up with the tongs by the customers, placed on the tray, and then given to the clerk who totals the price of the pastries, bags them, and collects the money.

Many towns in Mexico have panaderias on almost every block along the main road. People who live in town, may visit a panaderia everyday. We on The Team visit panaderias very often. How could we not visit them!

George wondering about which pastry to buy?!

11PM - We start out to explore more of the Town of Santa Rosalia.
The main road thru the Center of Santa Rosalia was filled with a line of cars, from beginning to the end. Wow! We could not find out why this part of town was sooooo busy!

George looking at the busy center of town in Santa Rosalia.

Kids take George to the Museum!
We met some of the kids from yesterday. They seemed very excited to show us the town, especially the Museum on the hill. When we arrived at the museum, it was closed. George thought that these kids were being sooooo friendly, but they had business on their young minds. When we returned to where MsTioga was parked, the kids kept repeating a word that sounded like "munay", "munay." This word was "money!" These kids were budding businessmen! We negotiated. They wanted $10 pesos, and seemed very happy to settle on $5 pesos each.

The Museum Kids with the Museum in the background.

Mr. Trek and the exploring Team Members rode south!
Highway #1 travels right along the coast thru Santa Rosalia. Just past the center of town, is the Ferry Terminal. Here you may board the ferry for a trip to Guaymas on the mainland of Mexico.

At the ferry terminal, we met a USA family, Dad, Mom and three teenage kids whose camper truck broke down near Loreto, south of Santa Rosalia. They had temporarilly abandoned their truck because parts were not available, and were taking the bus back home. Wow!

Tickets for the Guaymas Ferry would cost about $750US for an RV the length of MsTioga! Wow!

Getting a pic of Santa Rosalia's coast and harbor.
The best place to see the coast of Santa Rosalia is toward the south end of town. On the way, a bano [pay bathroom] showed up. Just in time too! Cost $3 pesos.

Up the hill the coast view was sooooo beautiful. We could see Santa Rosalia harbor and Black Beach below us. Black beach has black sand and rock.

A spectacular view of Santa Rosalia's coast!

Buying fruit!
We needed oranges and radishes, so George made a buy at a fruit stand.

Very nice oranges!

Looking for the Baile Salon.
Remember that we were told yesterday that the Salon would be the place of fiesta for New Years? Right in front of where the Salon is located, was a taco stand and George bought lunch; a fish taco and Pepsi. These fish tacos are sure delicious. George thinks he is addicted to them.

The husband and wife who ran the taco stand, told George that the place was called, "Baile Salon" [Dance Salon]. The husband, with a big smile, told George that beautiful young girls would dance with him this evening! Hmmmmmm?

Stopped at the panaderia to buy cookies.
George is also addicted to panaderia cookies, and stopped to buy four of them!

Two of the clerks at the panaderia wanted to have their pic taken!

3PM - Mr. Trek and the exploring Team members finally returned home to MsTioga.
It is nap time! Wow! That is one of the best things about traveling in our MsTioga Home. We may take a nap anytime we want!

The last sunset of 2004!
MsTioga wonders what grand Adventures she will find in 2005!

The Sun sets on the last day of 2004!


We want to thank you soooooo much for letting us share our Adventure with you. Without you, all of the great joy of sharing would not be!

MsTioga and all of the TiogaRV Team wish you the very best 2005!

Good Nite!


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