Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The search for perfect weather!
Have you been with MsTioga and The Team for a while? Hmmmm? You know that we are happiest when we are in T-shirt and short pants weather. Not too hot, because wimpy George gets wiped out when it is too hot. Not too humid, because who wants to be sticky!

Just this morning, we realized that Mr. Wave6, our loyal catalytic heater, was still sleeping in the shower (our shower is also our closet). This is such a wonderful thing!! Have we reached perfect winter weather? Was it as simple as going far enough south? Wow?!

Learning Spanish is a mysterious thing?!
Have you ever learned a new language before? For us on The Team, it is a mystery. For example, at the learning place where we are now, speaking is much, much easier than listening to others speak to us. We wonder when our "listening" to Spanish will catch up to our "speaking" in Spanish?

Exportadora de Sal and Scammon's Lagoon!
These are two places that we want to explore, here in the Town of Guerrero Negro. "Exportadora de Sal" is the major employer in town, and the largest salt-producing plant in the world. Scammon's Lagoon is one of the few places that the California Gray Whale makes its winter home. Wow! We are near where whales live! That is sooooo great. We love whales.

Noon - Working on webpage and computer stuff.
The Team has been working on our webpages this morning. We have also been doing Google searches on towns south of us. Looking at the maps! We love to plan. While we are on the computer, local Spanish music plays on Baby BoomBox.

Did you know that lately, George keeps a AAA map of Baja California stretched out on his bed? The map is to prove to George where he is now. It is sooooo hard to really believe that we are so far south! Wow!

George and MsTioga are soooo amazed that we are really in Guerrero Negro!

Went for a walk in the very nice neighborhood.
Remember the nice neighborhood where Mr. Mavica took a pic yesterday? And do you remember the store nearby, the Tienda Essa, where we Nite Camped? All of this property is owned by the huge "Exportadora de Sal", the salt manufacturer. The people who live in this nice neighborhood, are principles or high management in Exportadora de Sal. And the Tienda Essa is a company owned store.

Mr. Mavica took some pics of a model of parts of the salt factory. The entire factory installation is huge, and covers many, many square miles of salt collection, drying and processing of salt.

One of the processing areas used by Exportadora de Sal.

Everybody that we spoke to about viewing whales, says come back in February.
So, tomorrow we will break Camp in Guerrero Negro, and head south again. There is a town called Vizcaino where we might make Nite Camp.

A tray full of beef enchiladas in the oven!
While these enchiladas were in the oven, the inside of MsTioga got pretty warm. George went outside for fresh air. It is 7PM, still T-shirt and short pants weather, although a little cooler now. Man-O-Man!

Isn't everything that you do in your RV, better than when you do the same thing in your stick home?

Beef enchiladas, fresh from the oven!


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