Sunday, December 26, 2004

Where will The TiogaRV Team make Nite Camp?
Highway #1 entering El Rosario, makes a 90 degree turn to the east. On our maps, we find no towns to research before the Town of Catavina which is 76 miles away. We love to explore the unknown!

Have you heard of Mama Espinosa's Restaurante of El Rosario?
We found that our Nite Camp is only a two minute walk from the famous "Mama Espinosa Restaurant" that is written about in many online pages about the Town of El Rosario. We are thinking about dropping in to take a peek at Mama Espinosa's this morning!

12 Noon - Back from breakfast at Mama Espinos'a Restaurante!
Only gringos seem to be in Mama Espinosa's this Sunday morning! And everyone was enjoying themselves, as did George!

Just about to go in for breakfast at Mama Espinosa's in El Rosario

We learned a new Spanish word this morning. "Nopales", which means cactus. We wondered about the fields of cactus that are being cultivated as a crop here in Mexico. What could cactus be used for? Hmmmmmm? Our waitress told us that Nopales is used not only in egg dishes, but in soups, salads and many different kinds of Mexican recipes.

George ordered a Nopales Omelette with cheese. We have to be courageous when ordering Mexican foods that we have not tried before. The Nopales Omelette was sooooo sabroso [flavorful]! Who would have thought to put cactus into an omelette?

4PM - Nite Camped in the Town of Catavina!
We saw one place that we might have Nite Camped before Catavina, but we did not explore there, and kept on the road. When we reached Catavina, we found a very small town with a modern appearing hotel. The gas pump is closed, which means that MsTioga must hold out for 224 miles more for gas at the City of Guerrero Negro.

Our Nite Camp is inside an RV Park. Two other RVers are here, and they did not know anything about this place, but were planning to spend the nite here. The hookups for electricity and water are not connected. While exploring, George met Eva, the attendant at this RV Park. Eva who only started working here last week, did not know when electricity and water would be connected, but said "Soon!" The price for a nite's stay is $6US.

RV Park in the Town of Catavina.

4:30PM - Exploring the Town of Catavina.
Mr. Mavica and his pal TriPod are anxious to go take a peek at Catavina, so George is walking into the town with them.

6PM - Back from exploring the Village of Catavina!
Would you like to take a peek at Catavina? Here are Mr. Mavica's impressions of this little village.

There is not too much in the Village of Catavina. It appears as though, even electric power must be generated for this tiny oasis in the desert.

Catavina Cafe and Catavina Grocery Store.

The Hotel is very nice. And the prices for rooms are, well, you may see for yourself.

Catavina Hotel and their Price List!

Supper tonite!
For supper we have the choice of enchilada, beans, corn and a salad. Or, salmon. Or, fried chicken. Or, roast beast. We have sooooo many choices. The TiogaRV Team is living the good life!

Some observations about traveling today in the high desert.
  • The desert is very green. Must have been a lot of rain here recently.
  • Very few cars on the road. Perhaps less than one a minute pass if I stop.
  • Highway #1 is a very good road. Surprisingly good.
  • Nice to be riding in MsTioga and have a bano [bathroom] on board.
  • Many places to boondock, if I had not been warned so much about safety.

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