Wednesday, January 26, 2005

7AM - Light rain falling on La Paz!
From about 1AM, a light rain has been falling. This rain must be a wonderful thing for the desert. Pools of water have formed in the parking area at Playa Balandra where The Team is Camped. A seagull is walking in these pools, drinking the rain water.

Morning walk up the hill.
There is a path that we can see from MsTioga, that goes up over the hill. You remember that we went around that hill yesterday, by walking in Balandra Bay when the tide was out. This morning we are going to walk in the rain to the top of the hill to see what is up there.

Ruth and Doug Hilvers from Wisconsin.
We never got to our walk up the hill. Instead, we spent the morning in Ruth and Doug Hilvers RV when they pulled into Balandra Bay for the morning.

11AM - Heading down to La Ventana.
The breakfast dishes are washed, and we are pulling out of Balandra Bay, and heading down to La Ventana, a bit south of La Paz. On the way, we hope to fill our fresh water tank, buy drinking water and some groceries.

Rain brought noseeums. Do these bite?!
George has no experience with these insects. Wow! They really annoy, don't they?

Blogger having big time problems this morning.
We have been having lots of problems trying to publish our Adventure Blog this morning. Everything just hangs up! Wow!

5PM - The Team travels by instinct!
Because we go in a direction according to our feelings, you never know where we might be at the end of a day. This morning we were going up the hill to take a peek at Balandra Bay. Instead we spent the morning jabbering with Ruth and Doug Hilvers. This afternoon we wrote that we were heading to La Ventana Bay, south of La Paz. Instead we are northwest of La Paz, only 5 miles from the Pacific Ocean and Punta Conejo! Wow!

We traveled north out of La Paz, mainly because of the weather. You may be living in a place where it is snowing and very cold. In La Paz, it was getting too warm for comfort. Over 85F this afternoon! Man-O-Man! That's warm. Even right now on the high desert, inside MsTioga it's 82F!

George looks at MsTioga Camped on the Punta Conejo Road.


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