Thursday, January 27, 2005

8AM - We can see the Pacific Ocean from our Camp!
You may have to use your imagination, but in the distance, just where the desert ends, is the Pacific Ocean!

Morning view of our Camp looking at the Pacific Ocean.

10AM - Desert View from the breakfast table!
A few weeks ago, Mr. Mavica took a pic of the Ocean surf from our breakfast table. This morning, Mr. Mavica took the pic below, of the desert view from our breakfast table. The desert is so much more subtle, but the view is soooooo beautiful, don't you think? Hmmmmmm?

Desert View from MsTioga's breakfast table.

Biting bugs love George's blood!
This is George's first experience with noseeums. These guys bite like crazy. They really love George's feet! Have you found them to be much quieter than mosquitos?

2PM - Stopped for lunch and met three bicyclists!
George stopped for some burritos at a restaurant north of El Cien, and met three intrepid people on bicycles. A young married couple named Dylan and Cheri, and a fellow from Japan named Sekiiji. These three are bicycling from San Diego to the tip of South America, Tierra del Fuego. Wow!

Here is a link to their website:

Dylan, Cheri, Sekiiji and George at the Hwy #1 restaurant.

4PM - Going to the town of San Carlos.
The Team decided to go to the town of San Carlos, which is located on the bay, west of Ciudad Constitucion. When we got to San Carlos, we camped near the bay.

5PM - Javier meets George!
I was very lucky and was adopted by Javier, a fishermen who lives in San Carlos. Javier invited George to move MsTioga on his property. George met the grandchildren of Javier, Inri and Hugo, and all three of them went into MsTioga to put this story on the internet.

Hugo, George and Inri inside MsTioga

What happened today might seem like a coincidence to you - it is a miracle to me!
Meeting the three bicyclists was a fantastic thing. Then, later in the day, meeting Javier and getting invited to stay at his home, is a miracle. Have you noticed that this kinds of miracles seem to happen to me all the time?

How do these things happen to me? Why do they happen? Remember I was telling you that The Team is guided by instinct. We do not know where we are going to go, but feel our way. We do not "think" things thru, we feel them thru. Somehow, those feelings get us to where we should be, so that these miracles seem to happen.


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