Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Fishermen story at Pichilingue.
Would you like to hear the story of the fishermen, in the early morning? Hmmmmmm?

4:45AM - George is up with Mr. Mavica. No fishermen have arrived. We do not know when they will come to their boats, so we are waiting. Two dogs are barking at us. George pretends to pick up a stone, and they run away. Dogs here know what it means when a man bends down to pick up something. There are no waves, just the sound of water lapping on the shore.

5AM - A truck from the dock pulls out. Roosters begin to crow from the home on the hill behind our camp.

5:30AM - We hear a freighter in the distance. We go back inside MsTioga. It is 65F on our thermometer, and already it is a bit humid. Seals begin to bark across the bay. More roosters crowing. We can now see the full moon from MsTioga's window, and the moonlight reflects on the bay.

6:17AM - First fishermen arrive in a truck. A freighter goes by the bay entrance, heading south toward La Paz. The fishermen load supplies into their boat; gas, lunch boxes, ice chests. We wondered why some boats are anchored 50 feet+ into the bay. We find out when the first boat leaves shore, and the fisherman pulls the boat into the bay by the anchor line.

6:25AM - Another truck and fishing boat crew arrive, followed closely by more trucks and more crews.

Fishermen pull their boat off the shore into the bay by moonlite.

7:30AM - Heading north.
The largest beach in the La Paz area is Playa Tecolate, a few miles north of last nite's camp at Pichilingue. We are heading up to Playa Tecolate. The nearby Playa Balandra has a rock formation that looks like a mushroom (the symbol of La Paz). We want to see this mushroom rock!

9AM - Camped at Playa Balandra.
We drove up to El Tecolate, and found a zillion RVers there, all clustered together. Instead of staying at Tecolate, we drove about a mile south, to Playa Balandra, a gorgeous beach with fine sand, located on an inlet to the Gulf. We have not found the famous Mushroom Rock yet, and believe that this rock is located on the other side of the hill from the beach. After breakfast, we will explore over there.

Playa Balandra Camp.

1PM - Explored the beach and found the mushroom!
The tide went out a bit, and allowed George to walk on the sand, all the way to the other side of the bay. When we arrived in the next cove, look what we found! A palapa!

George and Mr. Mavica are the only ones on the beach!

When we arrived where mushroom rock is found, oh my!!

Mushroom rock had fallen!

Somebody had tried to save the mushroom!

Here is a pic of the next symbol of La Paz, the next mushroom!

The next mushroom rock!

New friends from Bend, Oregon!
We met a family vacationing in Mexico. They all come from Bend, Oregon. They are the Lownavarra group!

Bend, Oregon friends on the beach!

I made a big mistake this afternoon!
Hi Everybody!
This afternoon I was recalibrating the DataStorm, after reinstalling the software. It was after dark, and I must have had all of my attention on the DataStorm. I forgot that one of my leveling jacks was down, even though the alarm was blasting in my ear! Man-O-Man! I ruined another leveling jack!

I cannot believe that I actually moved MsTioga while the leveling jack was down But that is exactly what I did!! Somehow, I managed to get this damaged jack retracted, thank God! Anyway, now I am down to only two leveling jacks. You remember that the first jack was damaged when I got stuck in the mud at Playa Los Cerritos, a few weeks ago. Wow!!!


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  2. Looks like you can't boondock at Playa Balandra anymore. Looks like it was turned into an official park with a paved parking lot. The CG nearby is still there.