Saturday, January 29, 2005

Inri wants to go hunting for clams in Magdalena Bay!
The brothers, Inri and Hugo seem to like to hang around MsTioga. Perhaps The Team is quite a novelty for the two brothers? Yesterday evening before their supper, both Inri and Hugo spent a few hours talking with George. Inri wanted to know if George would like to go clam hunting in the Bay. George wonders about eating clams, because he has never eaten clams before. Inri was convinced that clams are delicious.

10AM - Dominos!
Inri, Hugo and George wanted to go hunting for clams. However, their grandfather Javier cautioned that the tide was in, and clam hunting would be difficult. Instead, the two brothers brought dominos into MsTioga to play. Inri is 13 and his brother Hugo is 10 years old. It is hard to describe how much fun these two brothers have playing dominos! We played for about three hours! Wow!

You all probably know how kids like to cut up when having their pic taken, right? Well, Inri and Hugo are no exception!

Inri, George and Hugo playing dominos.

2PM - Javier and George go to the docks for another ship unloading.
Mr. Mavica was left behind, so we will have to tell you about this unloading without pics.

George met Captain Ernesto, whose fishing boat was much smaller than Captain Alvaro's ship that was unloaded yesterday. There was much viento [wind] today, which made unloading difficult. Captain Ernesto's boat is very low, making the unloading process much harder.

Javier's family all jumped into the unloading. Inri, young as he is, worked like a man. Claudio and his son were there, moving the boxes of fish to the edge of the boat for uploading to the dock. Claudio is Javier's son, and manages most of the sales end of Javier's fishing business. Javier did the weighing of the fish.

It is hard to describe how difficult it is to move each box from the hold, to the edge of the ship, up to the dock, onto the scale, and then into the waiting truck. All of this is done by hand and by ropes. These fishermen work soooooo very hard.

Hints of a meal for this evening!
During the afternoon, George got hints that a fantastic meal was planned for this evening. You understand that George's Spanish is still in the learning stage, and often, things are not completely understood during a conversation. This afternoon, George was talking with Carolina who was cleaning shrimp in the sink behind her home. Carolina mentioned langosta [lobster] for supper. Wow!

Carolina and George at the rear of the family home.

Friends come for supper with much food!
During the early evening, Juan Carlos and his wife Marta drove into Javier's yard and opened their trunk where there was a ton of food. Lobsters, shrimp, and much, much more!

A table was set up in one of Javier's workshops, where the meal was to be eaten. It seems as though in Mexico, gatherings of people for meals are done outside, rather than inside the home. Javier strung wires for lights, because it was pretty dark. Carolina, Juan Carlos and George cleaned the shrimp. Afterwards, we gathered at the table for the meal.

Juan Carlos, Carolina, Hugo, Javier, Inri at the table.

Javier lights the BBQ.
A fire was started in a fabricated metal BBQ that Javier built himself. Once the fire was going well, carbon [charcoal] was placed over the fire, and soon the charcoal was burning. In the pic below, Marta prepares a load of beef over the BBQ.

Marta at the BBQ.

The meal is served!
You would not believe how much food was served at this meal. The lobster and shrimp were enough to feed everybody. But there was the BBQ beef, mashed potatoes, another kind of shrimp in a bowl with lime water, tortillas, salad and tons of Modelo beer. Even George, who hardly ever drinks beer, had a Modelo!!

Everybody loved the corn bread that George had baked to bring to the supper. The entire corn bread was gone by the time we finished eating!

Javier, the head of the family, tells stories at supper.

Supper fantastico!!

George's supper! Can you believe this?!

After supper everybody told more stories!
Eating ended about 8PM, but everybody stayed around the table telling stories. Javier told about an RV Park that he has planned in the land behind his home. Juan Carlos told about his job in the Harbor Captain's office. We talked and talked until almost midnite. This meal was a grand fiesta!


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