Sunday, January 30, 2005

Last full day in San Carlos!
The time has come for The Team to break our Camp in the fine town of San Carlos. And what a wonderful time this was for us! Tomorrow morning we will head north again.

We urge you to try to make friends in a Mexican town. Get close to the people! That's is where it all is at! Trust us, because The Team knows best!

George played games with Inri and his brother Hugo.
Dominos again. These brothers love dominos. After we finished dominos, the boys wanted to play computer games. Mr. Chips does not have any computer games, but Inri knew where to find some games on the net. So, the boys played games. Apparently their grandfather does not permit the boys to play games, because he believes that they should be doing more productive things.

Hugo at the computer playing a game while Inri watches

George walks to the plaza of San Carlos for supper.
Exploring the evening in San Carlos seemed to be a good idea for our last nite here. George and Mr. Mavica went for a walk behind Javier's home, down a few blocks to the plaza. The sounds of Mexican towns seem to be the same everywhere. Mexican rancho music is heard on every street. It is early evening, and people are out walking and driving there cars. Young girls walk thru town giggling, and looking at the boys. Tons of children play in the playground. A bunch of young boys play soccer.

Kids at the playground having so much fun!

Soccer games are everywhere in Mexico!

Taco stand where George ate two tacos, one of beef and one of tripe!
This was George's first taste of tripe. Not bad!! While eating at this tiny taco stand, the music came from cars passing by, and from restaurants too. Imagine yourself in this little Mexican town. It is after dusk, and people are walking by, talking and having a good time. People smile at you, because they are soooo friendly.

When you come to Mexico, do not be afraid to dive right into Mexican life. Order food at the taco stands. Walk thru the neighborhoods. Listen to the music, and talk with the people. Unforgettable!

The owner himself runs this taco stand in the plaza of San Carlos!


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