Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Breakfast Camped north of Loreto in the high desert.
This Camp is gorgeous. To the west are grey-brown tall mountains. In the east, a strip of the Sea of Cortez. All around MsTioga is the green desert and the Saguaro cactus. Would you like to see a pic from our breakfast table? Hmmmmm?

View from MsTioga's breakfast table. High desert north of Loreto.

Playa Armenta Camp.
Our friend Javier, from Puerto San Carlos suggested several times for us to see Playa Armenta, which is north of our present location, on the western shore of Bahia Concepcion. The Team is about 35 miles south of Playa Armenta right now.

12:30PM - Playa Armenta!
The water of Bahia Concepcion is tourquois blue at Playa Armenta. The viento [wind] is a bit on the breezy side. There are palapas on the beach.

According to Jean, a woman we met on arriving, there is a $5/day charge for camping here by a man who leases the beach from the Government of Mexico. Jean also warned about robberies on this beach. When George questioned Jean about these robberies, they turned out to be burglaries. There are many rumors spread by people who, for some reason, have the need to spread rumors. We on The Team, remain unconcerned about crime, because there is crime everywhere.

Playa Armenta Camp. Do you see the cute palapa?

3PM - The Team decided to move north!
We had this feeling that we should move north. Would you believe, that about a mile up the road, we came upon a fellow named Angel, who was having car problems?! Angel's front right tire had blown, and he had no jack. Do you remember that George bought a shovel about a week ago? That shovel sure came in handy in digging out the earth under Angel's blown tire. We both worked for about half an hour, and got the blown tire off and the spare on.

But then we found, that Angel's engine would not turn over. There was a connection that was bad. Fortunately, onboard MsTioga, we have all sorts of electrical stuff, and we replaced Angel's bad connection with a new one. Angel was on the road again, and off to his home in La Paz.

Nite Camped in Mulege.
We drove north into the small town of Mulege. Last time that we were here, we camped on the beach. Now, following our new idea to stay close to people, we camped inside the town. In the pic below, George looks at MsTioga's Campsite.

Looking at MsTioga across the street in Mulege.


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