Saturday, February 26, 2005

Comparing Mexico to the USA!
Yesterday when traveling by a shopping center in San Diego, I was struck by the perfection. The streets had beautiful landscaping, mowed grass, lovely flowers. The stores were gorgeous. Modern lighted signs, clean and well maintained parking areas. Everything was perfect.

This was my first day back from three months in Mexico. The comparison was overwhelming. We have sooooo much in the USA. We are soooooo rich. It is beyond belief how rich we are, in comparison to Mexico.

There are some things that we do not have, however. Things that do not cost money. We do not have "Good Mornings" given to us by complete strangers, when we walk down the street. In Mexico, I have received soooo much generousity. People who did not know me, took me in, gave me friendship, shared their meals.

Rachel is a friend. She wrote me an email. Here are a few lines of that email:
"Your blog reminds me how much I miss Mexico. I truly hope that when this
is all over I can remain the same kind of person I was while I was there.
The culture and the people there made me feel kinder, more generous and
just all around like a better person."

I know exactly how Rachel feels. To be a better person, to be open to strangers, to be friendly to complete strangers. That will be difficult when this friendship is not returned.

A fabulous day - George talks with his son!
You want to know what happened? Hmmmmm? A great phone consversation with my son! Wow! This is soooo great! A three hour phone call! Man-O-Man! Things are looking up for him! To those of you who wrote emails of comfort, thank you sooooo much!

MsTioga has new WalMart SuperTech Synthetic Oil and a SuperTech Oil Filter!
When asked how her engine felt with this new SuperTech stuff, MsTioga said she feels very smooth and more quiet now. MsTioga also said that she wants to be back on the road again, to see how her engine feels then!


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