Sunday, February 27, 2005

Friends came by to see us today!
This morning we were out shopping at the "Best Buy" store, and we got a phone call. Eddie and his wife Debbie came by to say hi. Later, we got a phone call from John, and we had a really nice time talking. Wow!

MsTioga needs some work done.
Tomorrow we will try to get MsTioga to a mechanic, to get her serpantine belt changed. Some cracks in the belt were found during the oil change yesterday. There are some chores to do as well. Maintenance parts for Mr. Onan must be purchased. We want to add a small inverter to separately power our computer and Datastorm components.

Next places to visit!
As soon as the chores are completed, and the mechanical work is done, we will take off looking for more Adventure. The first place that we will head, is to Doane's Meadow up on Palomar Mountain. Quartzsite is next. Then Joshua Tree National Park. And then, Death Valley National Park! Wow!


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