Thursday, February 24, 2005

Heading north to the City of Ensenada!
We are anxious to return to the USA where we will have cell phone service again. Then George will be able to phone his son to find out how he is doing. We may be back in San Diego tomorrow! Today we will go to Ensenada, and camp overnite.

Email from readers!
The amount of wonderful email received about George's son has been huge! This morning we have answered a lot of those emails. Thank you all, for your thoughts and prayers!

4PM - Nite Camped in Central Ensenada!
It is amazing how MsTioga knows exactly where to drive when George has no idea where to go! MsTioga, like a hawk, drove straight to the center of Ensenada. We love this place, for one reason, because the lady who sells the delicious tamales is near here. Also, it is downtown Ensenada, and a lot goes on in the evening that George likes to watch.

George looks at MsTioga as Mr. DataStorm finds the satellite in Ensenada.

7PM - We are back from being "On-The-Town" in Ensenada!
First we went straight to where the tamale lady has her stand, and sure enough, she was there. When you eat the tamale at the stand, you get a side of some kind of noodles and frijoles. Everything is sooooo good! You get to help yourself to the frijoles, which of course George did, TWICE! Price? Nueve peso, 90 cents US.

Tamale lady at our favorite Ensenada tamale stand.

Tacos Pescados stand on the way home!
We were walking back to MsTioga, and saw a tacos pescados [fish] stand, with a zillion customers. The fish looked so big and crispy, so George had to order one taco. We love to eat tacos at these stand, because of all the things that are there for dressing the taco. Cabbage, salsa, guacamole, onions, mayonmaise! Guess what? George ordered another taco pescados and an orange soda. Price? treinta pesos, $3US.

We just had to stop at this panaderia [bakery]!
George is sooooo weak. The panaderias have so many things to choose from. George bought three, and ate all three before we got home. Price$ Ocho pesos, 80 cents.

A guy was selling leather belts!
George has been shopping for months for a leather belt. One of his belts is cracking. Right near the panaderia, there was this vendor on the corner with a bunch of belts. These were real leather belts, and there was one with the right color and the right size! Price ochenta pesos $8US! Great price!!

Getting fat walking around Ensenada!
A guy could gain weight just walking around downtown Ensenada! But at least this guy would have a belt to hold up his tummy!

9PM - Last nite in Mexico!
This is our last nite, for this trip to Mexico. Tomorrow morning we will return to the United States! What a great trip this has been! Wow!

Last day of our second year!
Today marks the last day of our second year. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the day that George met MsTioga! We were working on an anniversay special edition, to commemorate our 2nd year. However, we could not select special places. There were sooooo many places that were special! Wow! Anza-Borrego! Yosemite! Glacier National Park! Mexico! Man-O-Man! What a year!

This year is special also, because so many readers helped to keep us on the road with your suggestions, donations, wonderful support! This was the year that MsTioga Magazine was founded. With the magazine came our tiny publishing business, whose income has kept our financial head above the water!

We on The Team, are living such a wonderful life. Thank you for allowing us to share our life with you!


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