Friday, February 18, 2005

Little Restaurant and Tire Shop along Highway #1!
The place where The Team is Camped, would hardly be noticed by RVers whizzing by. A small restaurant, which looks more like somebody's little home than an eating place. The llantera [tire shop] is sort of "put together" with pieces of plywood. It is a wide place in Highway #1, at the intersection of the dirt road leading to Bahia San Luis Gonzaga.

If you did stop and looked inside the restaurant, you might just turn right around and leave because it is sort of darkish. Only two light bulbs illuminate the dining area. A TV tuned to a Mexican sitcom is on, and several people are watching. The tables are covered with flowered plastic.

I decided to eat supper here last nite, only because my friends Allen and Diana, who have a home nearby, told me about this place. Everybody looked at me when I entered. Hmmmmm? An older women seemed to be the one to talk to, and I asked, "Are you serving supper?" She answered "Yes" and handed me a menu. There were about a dozen choices, all main dished around bif steak [beef steak]. Sooooo, I ordered Bif Steak asada and Papas [potatoes].

Elvia, the woman who gave me the menu and who cooked up my supper, went into the kitchen to prepare my food. I went back there to take a peek at the kitchen and ask to buy a refresco [soda pop]. The kitchen looked like one you would find in somebody's home, which it probably is.

From my table, I could see Elvia preparing my food. Meanwhile, I tuned into watching the TV sitcom. I cannot understand most of what I hear on TV, even though my Spanish is good enough for most conversations. The others who were watching, laughed a lot at the antics which sort of reminded me of an old Luci and Desi show.

When my supper was served, there were two large, and pretty thin sliced bif steaks, a nice portion of French fries, thick sliced tomatoes, a plate of refried beans and several warm flour tortillas. Wow! What a neat place. I will sure stop here every time that I pass!!

Elvia's Restaurant along Highway #1

Adjacent llantera.

While Mr. Mavica was taking these pics, out came Martin [Mar-teen] and his friendly brown dog Simba. Kids love to look at Mr. Mavica's little monitor to see the pics. Martin is in kindergarten, and his school is about a kilometer south of his restaurant home. Elvia is Martin's grandmother, and Martin loves his dog Simba! Kids tell us everything!

Martin, Simba and George.

Diana and Allen visit The Team!
Punta Bufeo, is where Diana and Allen have a home, which is about 1.5 hours from Highway #1, on the Gulf Coast. We have not seen Diana and Allen since the fall of 2003, but we have kept in touch by email.

We all went over to the restaurant to eat. We all ordered machaca and eggs. Breakfast was terrific! Love machaca [pulled meat]!

George, Diana and Allen.

Bahia de Los Angeles!
We received an email from reader Steve Haynes, who suggested that we not return to the USA soon, because the weather is nasty. We checked it out, and Steve is right! We have decided to head south and take a peek at Bahia de Los Angeles on the Sea of Cortez. Wow!

5PM - Boondocked in Bahia de Los Angeles!
Everybody wants to camp on the beach, near the water. So, The Team looked to the hills behind the pueblo. Our camp may be government land. We learned from Chicho, that the government does not care so much about squatters on their land! We love that!

Below is a pic of our boondock site. In the distance down the hill, is the bahia [bay]. This is really a lovely location. If this camp of ours were Santa Barbara, California, an acre of land here might be worth a couple million $dollars$.

George looks at MsTioga and our view above Bahia de Los Angeles.

Mr. Mavica loves shadows!
Hi everybody! This is Mr. Mavica! I do love shadows, especially in the afternoon. I noticed that the hills have great shadows here this afternoon at Bahia de Los Angeles. TriPod, George and I went out to see if we could capture some shadow pics. I don't know why, but I really like this pic of Bahia de Los Angeles' shadowed hills!

Mr. Mavica's shadowed hills at Bahia de Los Angeles.


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