Monday, February 28, 2005

Maintaining MsTioga before we head out for more Adventure!
The Team would love to head out today, looking for more Adventure! First, MsTioga needs some maintenance things done by a mechanic.
  • MsTioga's belts have some cracks. George spotted these cracks while changing the engine oil.
  • We checked MsTioga's transmission fluid, and found the level too high! We suspect that when MsTioga's transmission was replaced in 2003, her dipstick did not match the new transmission, and does not correctly show fluid level.
  • Power steering fluid seems to be leaking.
  • Chassis needs greasing. George found that he cannot grease MsTioga himself.

  • 9AM - Could not get appointment with mechanic.
    The mechanics would not be able to work on MsTioga until tomorrow. Since the work that needs to be done is not critical, we are heading north this morning and will do this work when we get to our homebase in Concord, later this month. We want to spend some time at Doane's Meadow up on Palomar Mounain.

    Looking at a tiny electric generator.
    On the way to Doane's Meadow, we are stopping at a store to look at a tiny electric generator, that reader Corky told us about. This is the "Sinemaster" generator that we believe is made in China.

    Mr. Mavica's favorite pic!
    Good morning! This is Mr. Mavica typing at you! Here is my favorite pic of all time. Do you like it?

    A view of the bay from Old Mill RV Park near San Quintin, Mexico

    10AM - George got a haircut!
    He got his haircut at Fantastic Sam's in San Diego. It cost $16. The last haircut was in La Paz, and cost $3 !! Wow!

    We are heading out right now, to see the store with the tiny electric generators.

    Store with Electric Generators!
    Wow! We got to this store, and there was no merchandise. Everything had been taken to a show in Las Vegas! Man!

    Camped in Harrah's Casino!
    It really is amazing how Las Vegas style casinos are everywhere in California. We are going to stay overnite in this lot. Tomorrow we will head out for Palomar Mountain again.

    For you RVers who would like to be camping for free, but may not have tried it yet for whatever reasons, note that we are camped in an ordinary parking lot at Harrah's tonite. It does not matter where you are camped at nite, because it is dark anyway. What you want at nite, is quiet.

    Are you wanting to boondock or dry camp like the TiogaRV Team does?
    Take a peek at MsTioga Magazine's "Secrets of the Joys of Boondocking!"

    Boondocking in wild places is absolutely wonderful!


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