Saturday, February 19, 2005

Military check points in Mexico.
The Team has run into military check points many times in Mexico. These check points remind George about painting rocks white when he was in the army. Something for the troops to do, in order to keep busy.

The Mexican soldiers at these check points are very young. Yesterday, for the third time when going thru a check point, a soldier put "the touch" on us for something that he wanted. Once during a search, a soldier asked if he could have a 12 volt light bulb. Twice, we were asked for AA batteries. We never give anything to these soldiers when they ask for a handout. We replied yesterday, "Why are you asking me for batteries? Are you not able to buy your own batteries?" This soldier replied to my question, "We are far away from Guerrero Negro, where I can buy them." However, we were only a mile from Bahia de Los Angeles and batteries are sold here. Hmmmmmm?

No Pemex in Bahia de Los Angeles!
One of my maps shows a Pemex gas station here at Bahia de Los Angeles. There is one here, but it is under construction. Gas is still available. At the Hwy #1 junction to drive here, five gallons of gas was being sold from two trucks for $140 pesos [$12.72US]. That comes to $2.54/gallon, about 50 cents per gallon over the Pemex price. Not a bad price, for this kind of service, it seems to us on The Team.

Afternoon - Exploring the Tiny Pueblo of Bahia de Los Angeles!
First we went down the road from our Camp, and stopped at the Pemex under construction. There were towels in the rack for cleaning windshields, but no gasoline at this Pemex for sale!

George looks at the gas pump at Pemex in Bahia de Los Angeles.

Down the street from the Pemex, is where the Ortega family sells gasoline. The Ortega's buy gas at the Pemex at Villa Jesus Maria, north of Guerrero Negro. Their cost at Pemex is $5.94 pesos/liter [$2.04US/gal] and they sell gas from their own pump at $7.50 pesos/liter [$2.58US/gal]. The Ortega's also sell propane in cylinders and run a trucking business hauling things that Norte Americanos need from the USA.

Ortega family fancy gas pump.

A bit down the street from the Ortegas, is a park with tables, swings for kids, etc. Behind the park, is the Municipal Government building, and the local medical center. The Museum of Bahia de Los Angeles is behind the police station.

This museum is a must for a visit. There is a huge display of various kinds of shells from the ocean including an explanation about each kind of shell. An exhibit about ranching life. Examples of ropes, showing how ropes used on rancheros are made. A tiny kitchen and a bed typical of ranchero life is on display.

The Museum.

Moved our Camp up the hill from last nite.
Yesterday's Camp was near a place where trash had been dumped, so we moved further up the hill. Our view is much better!

View of the Bahia from our second nite's Camp.


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