Friday, February 25, 2005

San Ysidro Border Crossing
Did you know that San Ysidro is the busiest crossing in the world? We do not enjoy crossing this border. All border crossings are uncomfortable. San Ysidro, with their drug sniffing dogs roaming around, the almost accusing questions, make us on the team sweat. It is a scary place!

5AM - Breakfast Camped in San Diego!
We left Ensenada early in the morning, in order to avoid the huge traffic jam that backs up the San Ysidro border crossing. We are in a shopping center parking lot. A Home Depot is here. We have to buy some lumber to crate up Mr. Levelers damaged jacks, in order ship them to the factory for repairs.

Two Year Anniversary - The meeting of Tioga and George!
Two years ago today, George drove to Manteca, California to look for an RV. There on an RV lot, waiting patiently for George to arrive, was the fabulous MsTioga. The moment George saw MsTioga, he knew she was the one! Wow!

4PM - Wow! What a busy day!
The first thing we did, was to remove Mr. Levelers front damaged jack. Then we bought lumber from Home Depot, and built two crates, one for each damaged jack. Man! That was a lot of work, and George was really tired after that job. Then we drove the crated jacks over to the UPS depot in Chula Vista, and sent them on their way. Mr. Levelers is very happy to see some action finally on these repairs!

Mr. Levelers damaged jacks being crated up in San Diego!

MsTioga needs an oil change.
We have been reading on RV.NET how many RVers rave about WalMart's SuperTech Full Synthetic Oil, and the SuperTech oil filter. So, we went to WalMart and bought this synthetic oil and filter.

While we were at WalMart, we replenished our First Aid kit. We used a bunch of our supplies helping a young woman who got stung by a sting ray in the waters of Bahia Balandra, in La Paz.

Picked up storage stuff, and are Nite Camped!
There are some things stored instead of taking them into Mexico. These things were safe in a storage locker in San Diego. We picked this stuff up, and now are Nite Camped on a quiet street near the storage place.

Visiting MsTioga and The Team!
If we get close to where you live, or where you are RVing, and you want to say hello to MsTioga and The Team, we would be sooooo happy to meet you! The TiogaRV Team will be in the San Diego area until early next week. Send us an email if you would like to drop by, OK?


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