Monday, February 21, 2005

Walking around Bahia de Los Angeles!
This morning after breakfast, Mr. Mavica, TriPod and George will go walking all over Bahia de Los Angeles. We are preparing a new MsTioga Magazine story about this place. We want to take pics and talk to the people who live and work here. We love this part of publishing a story!

Hiking the mountain in back of our Camp for a pic!
There is a range of mountains to the west, up the hill from our Camp. This afternoon, Mr. Mavica wants to take a pic of the Bahia from up there. The light is behind us then, and good for pics. George thinks that this mountain looks steep. Mr. Mavica sees a dirt road that we can walk up that looks easy. Maybe these two will compromise, and walk halfway up this mountain?!

Bahia de Los Angeles is a sleepy pueblo!
Right now, Los Angeles is sort of empty of tourists. We walked down the highway looking at the places of business, and came to an RV Park along the bay [bahia]. There was one trailer there, from California. We saw electricity hookups, but no sewer connection at this park. We saw no water connections.

The electric hookups at the RV Park.

We walked out onto an earth jetty near the RV Park. We saw a few boats on in the bay fishing. We believe that the main activity for tourists who come to Bahia de Los Angeles, is fishing.

George looks at the RV Park from the end of the jetty.

Whale sharks are very big attractions here!
Whale sharks are apparently very passive guys that are here in abundance. George talked to the man who was in the government office that protects the area and animals. There were posters on the wall showing people in the water with whale sharks. This looked like fun! This government man said that people could swim in the water and touch these whale sharks!

We visited every grocery in Bahia de Los Angeles!
The best grocery, is "Xitlali" in the yellow building past the place the highway makes a right hand turn. Xitlali's has pretty much everything. A meat department, nice selection of fruits and vegetables, and clean aisles which are well stocked. There is a large selection of candy bars! Milky Ways, Baby Ruths and Snickers! Wow! There are lots of Mexican towns where you cannot buy these candies. We bought a whole package of Snickers! Yummm.

Are you able to see the many solar panels on the roof of the Xitlali store? Many businesses and homes have solar panels here in Bahia de Los Angeles. One business, the provider of TV service, has about 50 panels! The electrical service in Bahia de Los Angeles, is produced with a diesel powered generator. The generator is located on the main street in town. A short while ago, this generator went down for two weeks! There is no backup, and the people of the pueblo went without electricity.

Xitali grocery where you can buy Snickers candy bars!

Tourists come to Los Angeles in the summertime!
Everybody that we talked to says that the touristicos come in the summer. We do not know why they do not come in the winter? The weather here is perfect right now! The sky is overcast, but George is typing at you only wearing a T-shirt and shorts. It's 85 degrees inside MsTioga!

3PM - A rainstorm came over the mountains from the west!
We had been on the internet for a few hours. Our computer workstation window faces the mountain to the southwest. Suddenly the clouds coming over the mountain got very dark. Big time rain started falling! This should really make the flowers and the green plants here in the desert bloom like crazy! The rabbits that live around MsTioga seem to love the rain. They are messing around outside, oblivious to our eyes watching everything that they do.

10PM - The nite sky has some clouds, but no rain!
George went out to take a peek outside. The constellation of Orion was visible, and so was the Big Dipper.


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