Saturday, March 05, 2005

Heading north to Slab City!
Just a few miles north of our Calipatria Nite Camp, is Slab City. This place is the abandoned "Camp Dunlap Naval Base." All of the buildings have been leveled, but the slab floors remain. That's why this place is called Slab City.

10AM - The Team is in Slab City!
Wow! There must be several hundred people living here. Many in RVs. Many others in make-shift dwellings. Slab City residents are scattered over many hundreds of acres. We see a fellow DataStormer on the User's Map. After breakfast, we may go over to there to say hi.

8PM - Wow! What a terrific day!
George met Tom and Anne, two young people living in Slab City. It was so weird how we met. The Team went looking for a DataStormer named Bob, whose location we saw on the DataStorm Map. When we got to that location, we met Tom and Anne, who by some strange coincidence also are DataStormers! We never did find Bob.

The three of us spent all afternoon talking about stuff. Then we went out for pizza. It was a grand day! Wow! Tomorrow, George is going to get to ride one of Tom and Anne's ATVs. Man-O-Man! That will be exciting. Mr. Mavica is going to take pics of Tom and Ann, so you will know who they are.

Many readers have written asking for lots of pics of Slab City. We always take a ton of pics when we are at a place, and only post a few of these on our Blog. However, because of these requests, we are going to upload all of the pics of Slab City that Mr. Mavica takes to one webpage, and will post a link to that page here on the Blog.

Nite Camped in Slab City!
The Team has made Nite Camp, close to Tom & Anne's RV, here in Slab City. The rain is falling this evening, so we cannot see the stars.


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