Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Heading out from our Midway Camp, to Blythe
Have to do some grocery shopping for breakfast. Baked chocolate chip cookies yesterday evening, and used up my eggs. That George is sooooo weak! Love those chocolate chip cookies though!

Have you checked out MsTioga's recipe for choclate chip cookies? Hmmmmm? The oats make a BIG difference!

Chocolate Chip Cookies-Ms. Tioga Style!

Today is Quartzsite Day!
Later today we will visit Quartzsite for the very first time!

1PM - We are in the Town of Quartzsite!
This town has a ton of stores selling equipment for and repairing RVs. We may have a lot of fun browsing around Quartzsite!

5PM - We had a wonderful visit with Ron Bunge, publisher of "HitchItch!"
Do you tune into "HitchItch"? Hmmmmmm? The remarkable Ron Bunge is the publisher of this fabulous website. Ron and his friend Terry are camping here in Quartzsite. George spent the afternoon at their place, talking about all sorts of RV stuff.

HitchItch Link

Terry (Ron's friend), Ron Bunge and George at Quartzsite.

Nite Camped on the east side of Quartzsite.
This entire place is desert. So, we are Nite Camped a bit off of a road in a pretty much empty place in the desert in Quartzsite. Would you believe, that George has not had one meal today? Just chocolate chip cookies! Wow!

Tomorrow, we will shop the RV stores in Quartzsite that sell solar stuff, DataStorm stuff, and one store that might sell propane tanks for RVs.

Sunset in Quartzsite.

Nite Camp Location Link


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