Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Heading up to Palomar Mountain!
We want to eat breakfast way up high looking at the beauty. Breakfast will wait until we get there! Isn't this exciting?!

8AM - Breakfast Camp on Palomar Mountain!
We did not realize until just this morning, that when we entered Mexico last November, we left the forests behind. This morning, as we drove up the mountain, suddenly we were in the forests. Oak trees were all around us. It is green. We have been missing the forests! Man-O-Man!

George in the forest on Palomar Mountain.

11AM - We got lost, and could not find Doane's!
Thank all of you who wrote with emails, trying to help us find Doane's. We finally decided to go all the way back down the mountain. Wrong! It turns out that Doane's is way up at the top of the mountain. The mountain is often inside a cloud. It is a bit dark at times during the day.

A walk next to Doane's Pond.
The beauty at Doane's Pond is subtle. Especially on a winter's day with the mountain often inside a cloud.

However, Mr. Mavica looks beyond clouds, beyond the darkness, and sees the reflections in the waters.

Can you see the reflections in the water?

Small trails head out away from the pond. Along some of these trails are tiny creeks, with lovely water sounds. We on The Team, are haunted by waters.

George listens to the waters on a tiny trail.

Doane Valley Nature Trail
Mr. Mavica wanted to take a peek at this trail, so we went. We love all trees, but cedar trees are special, because of their bark! We love the color and the texture. And the fragrance. Do you smell stuff in the forest? Hmmmmm? We do. Besides trees, we smell plants, moss, even rocks. Lots of stuff has different smells.

Is this a Western Redcedar? Hmmmmmm?

Palomar Mountain - An Island In The Desert!

Maybe an oasis?

The Team did not stay in the State Campground.
The Campground was covered with trees, and Mr. DataStorm could not find the satellite with all of those trees. So, we moved down the mountain. We are Camped along road S7. This is a very low traffic road, and we hope tonite will be a no traffic road.

Guess what's for supper tonite?
Fish tacos, with a wonderful flaky white fish. A side of corn. A side of refried beans with cheese on the top. A wonderful dinner salad with 5,000 Island Dressing. Wow! We eat like kings!


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