Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Heading up to Park visitor's center at Furnace Creek.
This morning we will be at Furnace Creek. There is a campground and visitor's center at Furnace Creek.

7AM - We are Breakfast Camped at Badwater.
The lowest point in the United States, 282 feet below sea level. What a trap Death Valley must have been for the pioneers. There is such beauty here for us. Not for pioneers in wagons, however.

Killing summer heat!

Water and desert.
The contrasts while driving thru Death Valley are so very subtle. Vastness. Colors. Because this has been such a wet year, there is much water here. Miles and miles of water. We tasted a drop of this water. Terribly salty!

Water and desert come together for a brief time.

9AM - Breakfast inside MsTioga!
We know that we are constantly raving on about how wonderful it is living the life of Vagabonding Boondockers. But it's all true! Take breakfast this morning, for example. To be able to prepare breakfast in this most perfect RV kitchen is absolutely fantastic. The perfect kitchen because it is just the right size and has everything that a cook would want.

Cooking in MsTioga's fabulous kitchen!

Eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes and fresh cut up fruit.

1PM - Camped near Sand Dunes.
The Team has made a Camp near the Sand Dunes, a bit east of Stovepipe Wells. We will try to stay the nite at this Camp.

Sand Dunes Camp.

Something happened to MsTioga's Engine!
Yesterday, just after we left Joe who had the flat tire, MsTioga's engine stalled. We pulled over to the side of the road, and the engine restarted on the first try. However, the engine sounds different now, and does not seem to have the same power as before. When we accelerate, the engine now makes a hissing sound, instead of the low growl that it used to make. Hmmmmmm?

5PM - Big wind and blowing sand drive us down the road!
Sand began blowing sideways, pelting MsTioga and The Team. So, we packed up and headed west.

MsTioga's engine severely challenged.
Whatever is wrong with MsTioga's engine, is robbing her of the once great power that she had. As we climbed toward the 4,956 foot Towne Pass, often we were only going 20 miles per hour. It was terrible! However, MsTioga never quit, and pulled The Team over the top of that huge mountain.

Camped where SR190 meets SR178.
The winds are still very heavy, but no sand is blowing here. We have pulled off the highway, and are making a Nite Camp. Wow! What an evening so far. Driving down the grade after Towne Pass, was white knuckle time. A 9% grade and darkness!! Wow!

Chicken enchiladas tonite!
George has decided to celebrate our successful challenge going over Towne Pass, by making a batch of chicken enchiladas, and watching TV! We have Mr. Wave6 on, to keep us warm. Yes, MsTioga is swaying in the wind, but The Team is warm and safe inside!

MsTioga's kitchen is working fine!

7PM - Ton of email received saying that MsTioga has a vacuum leak!
Thanks to all of you who wrote about poor MsTioga's engine problem. I tried to find the vacuum leak. The engine is not open, so that to examine the hoses is really hard! I have only a tiny place to peer down at the top of the engine, not enough room. Perhaps in the morning I will try removing the air filter to see if that will give me a better view of the engine and the hoses.

Nite Camp Location Link


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